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Promontory Pointers 2-5-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley reports being engaged with Everly and Georgia in preparing most of the week for Zane’s parents, Dave and Janie Wheatley, to come to dinner Saturday. The girls helped peel the carrots and set the table. Everly helped cook the potatoes. Both little ladies have their own aprons. Laura says they were very talkative when their grandparents arrived.
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen were glad to see another friend from Nauvoo. They entertained him overnight, then Orson took him over to Eli Anderson’s home in Bothwell to show him the vintage wagons.
Jeannette is working on several different quilt squares. She worked on one kind for a while, then another. They will be beautiful.
Boyd Udy and his horse, Crocker, helped the Udy family’s teams on Saturday at the races. The three teams will be running for first, second and third placings at the end of the season for the Bear River Club. The end of the season will be soon, so the teams can be ready for the state and world finals.
On Monday Clynn’s brother, DeLoy Richman, and Clynn’s cousin, Joyner Lofthouse, came to visit him. Winnie was home, too, and the conversation was lively with funny memories and antidotes shared by all. As the boys were leaving, the Richmans’ home teacher, Jeff Schultz, came to visit. It was a good day for visitors.
On Wednesday Winnie and friend Carolyn Carter drove to Clearfield to their art class. Winnie is almost finished with her latest 8×10 painting. Some refinements and changes are needed. Carolyn is doing great on her picture featuring a well-preserved old car parked in front of a Victorian mansion.
Clynn gives a huge thank you to El O’Driscol for his helping feed some hay to the Richman cows at their winter pasture. The cows looked thrifty and show signs of preparing to calve in the near future.
On Sunday Winnie enjoyed being in Sunday School and Relief Society instead of the library after sacrament meeting. When she came home, son Lyle and children, Reagen and Brantzen, had fed the cows at winter pasture.
Aaron and April had done a number of things around the home place then surprised Winnie by having done night chores and watering for her. What a relaxing day and evening for Winnie!


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