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New High School Office

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Bear on the front of Bear River High School's atrium.

Gymnasium - Big Gym

New Dance Room

New Wrestling Room

The BEAR Center - Field House

The Commons Area

Jessica Tanner
Leader Staff Writer

Bear River High School will be having an open house on Monday, Oct. 11, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The public will be free to wander the school at their own pace while BRHS staff answers questions. Principal Gary Allen said, “The community could not have supported this any better and this is their chance to see the building.” The natatorium may be part of the open house, as well.
Allen said this building sends a statement about the importance of academics and the high quality education BRHS can offer. “We have the technology in our computer labs and supplies in our classrooms so teaching can take place and help the students move forward…The kids have a facility to be proud of…It will be a showcase of the community for a long time.”
When Allen started working as principal at BRHS, the school board and committee groups were working with the superintendent to plan for renovation and capital improvements. The family consumer science area of the building, plumbing, heating and power were outdated and needed to be fixed. Allen was given names of good solid people within the community who were recommended to help. They prioritized information for the school and provided a list of rational needs and why they needed a bond.
The board bonded $70m to be used for Box Elder High, Bear River High, Garland and Fielding schools. BEHS received $30.8m, BRHS received $25.2m and the remaining amount was given to Garland and Fielding. Each school was given a portion of the bond, depending on its size and need. With this bond BRHS finished every project on their list, including the natatorium, and all that was promised happened without cutting any corners.
Construction started June 16, 2008 and is still a work in progress. There is not much left and it will be finished no later than Aug 2011. They are anxious to wrap it up and be done, said Allen. When construction first started they were working underground. Allen said the public could not see what was being accomplished and thought the deadlines would not be met, but they were.
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