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Garland Examines Building in Flood Areas

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With building in Garland slowed down at present, the city council is looking into identifying flood zones within the city and developing criteria for development in such areas. This is a step that will hopefully allow residents to qualify for future flood insurance.

The group determined at its council Wednesday that members will research the issue further over the next month to ensure that the ordinance’s wording will hold up to future scrutiny. The council examined topographical maps that identified the flood zones, wording of a possible ordinance and it reviewed past problems with flooding that have impacted the city.

The council determined that in the future, it is likely that if construction goes on in flood zones, the builders will have to use non-traditional building methods to ensure that the construction will hold up to potential flooding.

“There are building techniques and building materials that can withstand a flood, and we should not say you cannot build there if someone’s willing to use those building techniques or building materials,” Councilmember Gary Shaw said.

“[It] may be a mistake in the future if we don’t rectify it in the wording of this before we pass it,” Shaw said, noting the need for more time.

In other news, the council voted to approve the annexation petition for Steven Lindsay’s residence on 1400 South being annexed. The petition passed, with Councilmember Dan Bowcutt opposing the petition.

“[Lindsay] is surrounded on three sides of Garland property and is getting his water from a shallow well,” Mayor Arlon Bennett said.

Bennett had suggested that if Lindsay pays for curb and gutter, the city will pay for the pavement to the curb.

“We’ve got to do something to get some houses going here–stimulate some growth here,” Bennett said. Councilmember Jonna Comstock noted many people are waiting to see if ATK lays off employees this next month, so, “everybody’s at a standstill.”

The mayor said that the city is looking at writing a historic building grant to do a seismic upgrade at the city library. Bennett noted that there may not be enough time to obtain the grant this year. The engineers will need to analyze the building and the grant will need to be written by Nov. 20. If it doesn’t happen this year, he would like to pursue restoring the old Carnegie Library in the future.

Christensen reported that eight new trees are being put in at the city park, as well as 12 new tables. Shaw stated that fire hydrant flags for identifying the hydrants during winter snow are now in place and that the water meters on North Main Street are nearly done.

The Garland Youth Council will be collecting canned and other food items the first week of November as part of the “Fill a Truck, Fill a Pantry” competition with the Tremonton Youth Council, Youth Mayor Madison Packer said.

She also requested that the youth council sponsor a Halloween Dance at the Armory in October. The Garland City Council said they liked the idea, but previously city policy had discouraged dances, receptions and family gatherings because of a rash of bad behavior. The councilmembers would look at revisiting its stand, Bennett said.


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