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Fair Winners | the Leader

Fair Winners

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
By theleader

Fine Arts

Sweepstakes- Lori Nicholas
Special Merit- Dianne Adams- Professional
Special Merit- Shad Anderson- Semi Professional
Special Merit- Ron Colby- Advanced Amateur
Special Merit- Carol Merrell- Amateur
Special Merit- Alonzo Rhodes- Young Amateur
Special Merit- Ashley Stokes- Youth
Special Merit- Savannah Robertson- Childrens Art
Special Merit- Kenya Rhodes- Poetry
People’s Choice Awards – Devin Matthews (Youth – 19 and under)
People’s Choice Awards – Shay Hatch (Adult)

Pee-Wee Lamb Show

Ages 3-5
Most Outstanding
Tallin and Ashlee Crittenden – Wall-E and Eva
Matt and Maddy Pali; Mitch and Morgan Pali – Pirates and Ship
Most Creative
Drayein Nelson; Josh and Shari Nelson – Charlotte’s Web and Wilbur
Madelaine Jensen; Lane and Angie Jensen – Sandra Dee and Danny
Most Original
Cason and Parker Potter; Amelia Potter – Fireman, truck and dog
Lincoln Reeder; Travis Reeder – Man in yellow hat and Curious George

Ages 6-8
Most Outstanding
Brenton Nelson; Dina Nelson and Joshua and Shari Nelson – Leprachan and Rainbow
Tyson Hirschi; Mark and Dixie Hirschi – Football Player and Ref
Most Creative
Kendall Williams; Mickey and Rachael Williams – Crayon and Crayon Box
Madison Bywater
Most Original
Kynlie Davis; Kristie and Jeff Davis – Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
Kate, Emmie and Claire Wood; Courtney and Kelly Wood – Dorothy, Tinman, Scarecrow and Lion

4-H Rabbit results

Netherland Dwarf
Best of Breed – Jensen Hunsaker
Best Opposite – Chelysse Bennett
Holland Lop
Best of Breed – Eliza Johnson
Best Opposite – Eliza Johnson
Best of Breed – Jessica Webb
Best Opposite – Cody Noyes
Mini Lop
Best of Breed – Allison Ivers
Best Opposite – Jessica Norman
Best of Breed – Jason Peterson
Best Opposite – Morgan Noyes
Flemish Giant
Best of Breed – Ryan Farr
New Zealand
Best of Breed – Cody Noyes
Standard Rex
Best of Breed – Heath Norman
Fuzzy Lop
Best of Breed – Kierstyn Christiansen
Best of Show – Jessica Webb; first runner up – Allison Ivers; second runner up – Heath Norman

4-H Showmanship

Senior 1st – Moirra Hammonds; 2nd – Kennadie Johnson
Intermediate 1st – Harrison Norman; 2nd – Eliza Johnson
Junior 1st – Liam Hammonds; 2nd – Bailey Noyes
Pee-Wee 1st – Morgan Noyes; 2nd – Chaston Firth
Overall Showmanship – Moirra Hammonds

Open Pigeons

Champion of Bird of Show – Bob Belew
Reserve Champion Bird of Show – Bracken Barker
Champion Fancy – Bob Belew
Reserve Champion Fancy – Clint Oyler
Champion Performer – Kristy Noyes
Reserve Champion Performer – Aleigha Maughan
Champion Best Pair – Bob Belew
Reserve Champion Best Pair – Clint Oyler
1st runner up Lloyd Jenkins
2nd runner up Drew Lish
3rd runner up Clint Oyler

Open Turkey

Champion – Lloyd Jenkins
Reserve Champion – Sam Hansen
Champion Duck – Clint Oyler
Reserve Champion Duck – Lloyd Jenkins
Champion Pheasant – Dominic Kunder
Reserve Champion Pheasant – Sheldon Howe

Open Poultry

Champion Bird of Show – Auston Riddle
Reserve Champion Bird of Show – Drew Lish
Champion Large Fowl – Auston Riddle
Reserve Champion Fowl – Lloyd Jenkins
Champion Bantam – Drew Lish
Reserve Champion Bantam – Clint Oyler
Champion Large Trio – Auston Riddle
Reserve Champion Large Trio – Jaydin Smith
Champion Bantam Trio – Drew Lish
Reserve Champion Bantam Trio – Drew Lish

Open Rabbit

New Zealand
Best of Breed – Lloyd Jenkins
Best Opposite – Lloyd Jenkins
Best of Breed – Clint Oyler
Best Opposite – Kristy Noyes
Best of Breed – Lynn Mortensen
Best Opposite – Lynn Mortensen
Mini Lop
Best of Breed – Linda Earl
Best Opposite – Linda Earl
Holland Lop
Best of Breed – Tanner Bradbury
Best Opposite – Tanner Bradbury
Best of Breed – Jeremy Webb
Best Opposite – Craig Feller
Mini Rex
Best of Breed – Jeremy Webb
Best Opposite – Daffnee Roche
Netherland Dwarf
Best of Breed – Bob Belew
Best Opposite – Bob Belew
Fuzzy Lop
Best of Breed – Aubrie Nielson
Best Opposite – Aubrie Nielson
Standard Rex
Best of Breed – Debbie Norman
Best Opposite – Debbie Norman


Best of Breed – Chris K. Murray
Jersey Wooleys
Best of Breed – Emily Howard
Best Opposite – Emily Howard
Champion Rabbit of Show – Clint Oyler (Satin)
1st runner up – Linda Earl (Mini Lop)
2nd runner up – Emily Howard (Jersey Wooley)


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