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Static Test of the DM-2 Motor a Success

The static test firing of the DM-2 Motor went as planned. Many people were involved in making this test a success while thousands of onlookers came out to view and support it.

Senator Orrin Hatch was at the press site at ATK and expressed his appreciation and the need for this program. A video of the test and an in depth article will be post on Wednesday.

Charlie Precourt, ATK vice president, complimented ATK employees for their efforts and skills. He assured them they are a valued asset to the development of space travel.

We have included some photos from the test firing below.

Photo 1 – VIPs from NASA and other agencies view the test firing.

Photo 2 – Utah Senator Orrin Hatch (R) addressed the media and watched the test firing.

Photo 3 – The familiar plume of smoke moved skyward halfway through the 125 second test firing.

Photo 4 – Former space shuttle astronaut Kent Rominger addressing the media.

Photo 5 – The DM-2 motor seconds after being ignited.


1 comment for “Static Test of the DM-2 Motor a Success

  1. August 31, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    The wind apparently shifted, as the exhaust plume rained “fallout” all over Thatcher. The fallout was composed of little clumps of what appears to be fine dust, small bits of sand, and some sort of oil holding it all together and making it sticky (and waterproof).

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