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Garland City Council approves future annexation policy

The darkened areas above the current Garland City boundaries are the proposed annexation areas.

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Garland City’s Planning and Zoning Commission laid out its future annexation policy plan, with proposed future city boundaries increasing the current boundaries tenfold and reaching north as far as 14400 North, in a public hearing at the beginning of the Garland City Council meeting yesterday.

Jeff Jensen from the commission showed the proposed map to the council and explained that the eastern edge would border the Bear River and that the western border would extend to the BR hill.

“What [the annexation policy is] basically is letting the public know what Garland’s intentions are,” he said. “This is kind of the idea where we would like to…. someday possibly annex [this area].” He reiterated that it won’t be happening tomorrow, next week or next year, but it is to give the public and surrounding towns an idea of what direction Garland wants to move.

The council voted unanimously to approve the proposal and the commission will soon file it with the state. Jensen explained that the plan notifies other municipalities of Garland’s interest in moving north. If other local towns file an annexation plan that coincides with Garland’s, they are “now required by law to inform Garland of what their intentions are,” Jensen said. Then, Garland will have a say in that municipality’s proposed annexation.

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