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Firefighting a lifetime love for Batis

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Cari Doutre
Leader Correspondent

His love of Tremonton and his love of firefighting have shown over time for Tremonton City Fire Chief Steve Batis, as he was recently named Tremonton City’s first appointed Fire Chief by the Tremonton City Council, Mayor and City Manager.
For the past 30 years Batis has made Tremonton his home. Attending Bear River High, where he lettered on the swim team and played football, Batis has watched the small town turn into the city it is now. He moved to Tremonton when he was just 5 years old where his family owned and operated a local bowling alley. After high school, he worked at the U&I Sugar Factory, later at La-Z-Boy and then ATK Thiokol as a fireman. Steve is married to George Ann and has two daughters.
He’s held basically every position on the fire department at ATK as he was furthering his education at Utah Valley University with a degree in Fire Science.
His education didn’t stop at UVU. He has attended and certified in almost every certification from the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy, the Bureau of Emergency Management, Utah State Fire Marshall’s office and the Department of Homeland Security. Batis applied and was accepted five different times to participate in training sessions at the National Fire Academy in Emmetsburg, Maryland, making them some of the highlights in his career.  He currently teaches and tests other firefighters in Tremonton and throughout the state, helping them become certified as well.
In 2005, he was voted in to the three-year Chief’s position by the majority of Tremonton City Fire Department members and reelected in 2008.   As of July 1, Tremonton City Council officially made the Chief’s position a city position and appointed Batis.
When Batis first started on the fire department it was a small volunteer fire department and even though it’s still a 100 percent volunteer, all firefighters are certified and trained. But that’s only part of the fire department’s accomplishments throughout the years.
“Since the Midland Square fire in 1994, things really turned around for the department,” Batis said. With the support of the city to meet the departments training and equipment needs, the members have worked very hard to build a strong department to best support the response area and draw new industry into the community. Last year they completed a detailed ISO audit and lowered Tremonton’s ISO rating to a four effective January 1, 2010.

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