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Bothwell shed razed by fire

This large shed in Bothwell caught fire around 1:30 p.m. Friday.

Two fire engines continued the fight after the roof collapsed and an additional truck was called out to help.

Stacked hay bales (here seen to the right of the bus) caught fire, in addition to the shed.

Fire engines from Tremonton, Corinne, Garland, Thatcher and Box Elder County responded to a shed fire south of the Eggli Tree Farm Friday afternoon.  The initial call was dispatched around 1:30 to the residence near I-84 in Bothwell. Initially, one engine was dispatched and within the next 15 minutes two more were added. By the time the second engine began the fight, the shed collapsed. A nearby bus was threatened and bales of hay stacked to the west side of the bus caught on fire.

“Two sheds are totaled, maybe three, it’s hard to say,” County Fire Marshall Greg Martz said from the scene as firefighters continued to asses the damage.  Among the other items lost were “tractors, four wheelers, and right now we’re worried about some of the barrels in there.”  The firefighters were concerned that some containers within the sheds may have posed a threat.

Look for more information on the cause and an assessment of the damage to follow.


1 comment for “Bothwell shed razed by fire

  1. Wyatt
    September 12, 2013 at 11:55 am

    Thats my grandpas farm! Cool but not cool. I was there during the burning. :(

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