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Garland City Council – Garland water project nears completion

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The Garland water project is nearly complete and appears to be on budget.

“The final bills aren’t sent in yet,” water project manager Bill Bishop said, “but all appearances are that we are going to be well within budget.” Bishop said he also believes there may actually be money left over to use on the water system infrastructure.

In addition, he said, the water tank is virtually complete. There is, however, a small leak in the top that will need to be repaired. When that is repaired, an application for use will be requested from the state. Bishop said the state is shorthanded and it may take some time, however, “we are not hurting right now for water, but we want to get online as soon as we can.”

“It’s not a major thing,” he said, “we just need to drain it a bit to fix [it].”

Council member Gary Shaw announced that the new water line has been flushed out and the leak by the Malad River has been repaired.

As far as planning and zoning, Joe Rudd is working with the city to put a parking lot and eventually a garage in the back of his Rudd’s Funeral Home on Garland’s main street.

Mayor Arlon Bennett said that the city will need to develop some criteria for approving parking lots that are not submitted with building permits. The city will flesh out a standard for this purpose, planning and zoning Council member Jonna Comstock said.

Comstock reiterated a call for the city to participate in the Garland City Clean Up Days April 30 and May 1. Four dumpsters will be available at various locations.

Box Elder County tourism came through with a $2,500 grant to help fund Garland’s Wheat and Beet Days this year, Council member Daniel Bowcutt stated. That’s $1,000 more than last year’s grant.

In other grant news, the library was able to purchase two computers and a projector with grant monies, Bowcutt said. In addition, its new sign has arrived and will soon be installed in front of the library.


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