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Marble Park suffers a string of robberies

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Cheryl Marble points out missing items at Marble Park. Among them are two 6-foot statues like the one here.

Boyd and Cheryl Marble’s generosity in sharing their historic-based Marble Park in Bothwell with the community has been met with a bit of a slap in the face. A rash of burglaries at the park over the last couple of weeks have included two 6-foot wooden Native American statues, five mule deer heads, a Nigerian painting and two arrowhead collections.

The Marbles have notified the sheriff’s office of the burglaries and have filed two police reports on April 16 and 17. They have notified all of the pawnshops in the area as well as collector shops. Because the items are very unique, the Marbles believe those who have taken the items should have a difficult time reselling them.

The Marble’s daughter-in-law Bettie said the family is in hopes that the person or people who have taken the items may actually have said something to someone. “It is part of the criminal mindset to brag about it,” she said.

“[Boyd and Cheryl] have given so much [to the community], it just breaks my heart,” Bettie said. “We knew that the potential to have things taken was there, but we had hoped it wouldn’t happen in their lifetime.”

The arrowhead collections were framed and under glass. They were unscrewed from their mounting under a large saw blade. They are valued at the very minimum $2,500, Bettie said.

The taxidermies of mule deer heads are unusual mounts, Cheryl said. They are valued at about $500 apiece and the carved wooden statues are valued at as much as $1,000 each.

“We haven’t really known what to do with [the loss],” Boyd said. “We didn’t want any publicity. But, it’s got to stop.”

At other times, the Marbles have had taxidermies of ducks and pheasants taken from the park’s wagon wheels in the rafters, as well a two other 3-foot Indian statues. The park is used for family reunions, wedding receptions, scout courts of honor and other activities. According to the Marbles, it is a tribute to the pioneers and to those who settled this area. It is also their way of sharing with the community what they have been blessed with.

Boyd commented that he has been plagued with thieves before. “I’d give them anything up there rather than have them steal it.”

Of course, Boyd said, the items taken are sentimentally worth so much more to him than their actual value. The picture that was taken was a painting done by someone the couple knew well when they served an LDS mission in Nigeria. It can easily be recognized. The painter, Chenedu, is world-renowned.

“The Chenedu painting is difficult to find and get, and expensive, too,” Boyd said.

If you have any information regarding the burglaries, please notify the Box Elder Sheriff’s Office at (435) 734-3800.


1 comment for “Marble Park suffers a string of robberies

  1. John "Moe" Moceika
    June 16, 2010 at 8:02 am

    What a shame! I visited this park recently and what a true treasure. I will keep my eyes open in Southwest, Wyoming for the stolen items.

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