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Recycling mom says everyone can do this | the Leader

Recycling mom says everyone can do this

Monday, April 12, 2010
By theleader

Old habits die hard. For Bonnie Sullivan, after living in Connecticut, Indiana and L.A. before landing in Tremonton last June, recycling is a routine she picked up that she just can’t shake.

The wife and mother to five kids says she only fills up half a garbage can every week—and that’s with two kids in diapers. That is remarkable. All it takes, she says, is about $35 for a bin to put in your garage and some willpower.

In 1996, Sullivan and her young family of five lived in Manchester, Conn. In this town, they were given a recycling bin to go along with their garbage can. On the day the garbage truck came, the workers would also sort your recyclables from your bin. In 2000, the Sullivans moved to Southern California, where families were required by law to recycle, she said. “They could fine you for it if they found recyclables in your garbage.”

Two years later, the Sullivans headed to Indiana, where recycling was optional and cost $4 a month. Though many of their neighbors didn’t recycle, Sullivan had a habit going and opted to continue. In fact, it appears at this point, it was more of a passion than a habit.

Sullivan says she “mostly cooks from scratch” and so that cuts down on bulky packaging in her household. Of the recyclables they collect, it is mostly papers from mail, newspapers and papers from school. But, there are also metal cans, too.

The Sullivans lived in Perry before moving to Tremonton. She said a recycling spot in Brigham City was only 10 minutes from her home and she took advantage of it. Of her neighbors in Perry, though, she was the only person she is aware of who recycled.

She did, however, run into a friend at the recycling who had been their Connecticut neighbor before moving to Brigham City. Sullivan said the friend remarked, “Yeah, I just can’t get it out of my system. I just have to keep [recycling].”

Sullivan agrees, “It’s a joy to do it. It’s good for the environment and [recycling options] are not out of the way.

“It saves on garbage bags if you don’t have that second garbage can.”

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