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Easter Egg Hunts

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The Saturday morning Easter egg hunts in the Bear River Valley reverberated with a crunching sound. It wasn’t the candy that was so crunchy, but rather the crunch of little feet in frozen snow as brave kids searched through the white for colorful plastic eggs.

Around the valley, the young braved the brisk air to claim their booty. Siblings cheered one another on, and parents tried to boost their kid’s spirits as they waited in line to cash in their eggs for candy. Though some smiles quickly slid to frowns in the cold, most of the kids kept their spirits up knowing that chocolate would soon be cheering their palates.

Bear River City


Garland Golden Egg

Taggert Rieske - 2 years old

Carter Realtor - 4 years old

Kinley Davis - 5 years old

Calob Kelso - 7 years old

Madison Pierce - 10 years old




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