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Honeyville couple thwarts $3,500 scam

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M/O same as man ripped off in Portage

Ellen Cook
Leader Correspondent

Lloyd and Karen Thorsted were the targets of a scam last week and came within a hair of making a very expensive mistake. Quick thinking and a few phone calls, however, saved the Honeyville couple from a possible $3,500 rip-off.
The Thorsteds have a grandson named John who is serving a mission in Cambodia, so when the couple got a phone call from someone who identified himself as John, they didn’t hesitate to continue the conversation. They became very alarmed, however, when the caller said he was in Canada and had been in a car accident.
Karen said she was the one who initially talked to the young man and to her he did sound a lot like their grandson. She became a little suspicious when the caller said, “Grandma, I’m in deep trouble,” adding that he needed the money to pay a lawyer because he had been drinking when the accident happened.
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