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Smith’s Response To Bunderson Question

I would like to make sure we balance the needs of the children in our district with fiscal responsibility.

We do not have good data yet on how much money the school closure will save, or how much we need to save due to the dynamic nature of the state education funding.

It appears if we close a school, we will need to spend $7-10 million in 5 years to build a new one.

Bryan D. Smith
Box Elder School Board Member


3 comments for “Smith’s Response To Bunderson Question

  1. March 20, 2010 at 8:54 am

    Mr. Smith,

    Thank you for being honest and upfront about the situation.

    We tend to close schools and then bond out to add-on or build new ones. Could that possibly save money over all? No. With the exception of the closure of Central Elementary, every other school is in use in another capacity. Corinne is even used by our school district, AFTER it was deemed unusable for local children.

    I would encourage you to truly represent the voices of the people that elected you. Please hear what they have to say, and weigh your decisions very carefully.

    The School District, Board, & Superintendent, both past and present have a torrid history of voting any old way they want and not listening to their constituents. I appreciate the candor of your statement regarding this matter. Thank you for listening!

    Lisa A. Madsen

  2. Carrie Ann
    March 23, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Mr Smith,

    I do believe that in the future new schools will need to be built, but I highly doubt that it will be inside Brigham City limits. Brigham City is landlocked unless people try to build further up the mountains or down into the swamp. Inside out city limits there isn’t room for a lot of new growth. Please take into account what is best for all of Brigham City’s students. I believe the schools will run better full. If students are transferred they will adjust well and maybe even make some new friends in the process. Please re-think your stand on this issue.

  3. Richard
    March 24, 2010 at 6:45 am

    Mr. Smith,

    There are a lot of voices of the people, and many of us believe that the superintendent has made a valid suggestion. Rather than repeatedly allowing a few loud voices to scare us into keeping Bunderson open, it’s time to accept that maybe wisdom should rule over emotion. Keeping the school open is popular with some, but the idea that closing it would tear the community apart is not true. Repeatedly asking employees to take the fall to keep Bunderson open is not fair to the district, it is only fair to a few blocks of families. Not once did I live less than seven blocks from my school growing up and I loved them and felt integrated with them. Bunderson is old and in a short time will need a lot of money to upgrade–much of the $5-7 million will be spent one way or another, so why pay $1.5 million or more to keep it open, plus throwing away all the money it will take to maintain empty rooms for the next five years?

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