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Content in Honeyville | the Leader

Content in Honeyville

Monday, March 8, 2010
By theleader

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Voice Male singer’s family lovin’ rural life

John Huff & Family

John Huff singing in Voice Male

Peggy Bradfield
Leader Staff Writer

This fall will mark two anniversaries for John Huff. In October he will have been singing with the Utah-based a cappella group, Voice Male, for 15 years, and it will also be five years since he moved his family to Honeyville.

When the six member all guy vocalists first got together in 1995 as students at Utah State they had no idea how long the gig would last.

“We got together and we thought it would be fun to have a little singing group—woo women and have fun,” Huff said. “We did a concert at Kent Concert Hall [for our first concert] and three years in we actually held a farewell concert.”

The group once again recently sang a farewell concert of sorts. This last Christmas season, they performed their annual concert series, not knowing it was their last as the original six singers. On Feb. 11, fellow-member Phil Kesler passed away as a result of metastatic colorectal cancer. Kesler, who had gone on from USU to an assistant professor position at Jacksonville State University in Alabama, had endured the first round of cancer treatments nine years ago, but in the last three years it metastasized into his lungs and brain.

“I’ve never lost someone particularly close to me. Because I’ve been doing Voice Male for so long and I [even with five brothers], Phil is like one of my brothers,” Huff said.

On the brighter side, Huff, his family and four kids say they are truly enjoying Honeyville. He and his wife, Layne, who grew up in Bear River City, had been looking for a new place for 18 months. They had been living in Lehi when they started getting antsy for achange.

“My wife was saying we’ve got to get out of here and get to a place where we can [breathe],” he said. After looking at dozens of different homes along the Wasatch front, Layne went to visit her parents Brent and Barbara Baugh in Bear River City. Her parents told Layne that the Ruth Tolman Hunsaker home was for sale in Honeyville. Layne had lived for a short time in Honeyville and had actually attended Honeyville Elementary.

Layne immediately had John drive up to Honeyville to look at the house. “As soon as we walked in the house it felt like home,” he said. It was a Friday night and by Monday morning they had submitted their offer. The home is 1920’s craftsman style built by the Tolman brothers, who were known in the area for their craftsmanship.

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2 Responses to “Content in Honeyville”

  1. Thank you for your mention of our late faculty member, Phil Kesler, in your article about John Huff and Voice Male. Phil was a cherished part of our faculty and his presence is very much missed on our campus. Please allow us to make one small clarification in this article: Jacksonville State University is located in Alabama, not Florida. Thanks.

  2. theleader

    Thanks for the clarification, sorry for the error! – Editor


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