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Idaho Sheriff Searching For Local Victims

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The Oneida County sheriff’s office in conjunction with the Bear River Drug Task Force and assisted by the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, Idaho Board of Pharmacy and Idaho Division of Insurance served a search warrant on Whole Health Medical in Malad, Idaho, Friday.

The search warrant was the result of a five-month investigation of complaints received by Oneida County sheriff alleging that Larry Womack, a Holistic Provider, was practicing medicine without a license. The reporting parties alleged that Womack had advertised and completed physicals on middle and high school students that are required to be done by a licensed physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, which Womack is not.

The investigation also led detectives to inquire into the legality of selling the HCG diet formula. The Idaho Board of Pharmacy confirmed that HCG is a Schedule III controlled substance and anyone selling HCG must be registered with the Board of Pharmacy to legally sell it.

The search today was completed to further the investigation into the complaints received about Whole Health Medical. There were no arrests made or charges filed, but the investigation is continuing.

If you feel you were a victim of this business, please contact the Oneida County Sheriff at 208-766-2251, or sheriff@atcnet.net


25 comments for “Idaho Sheriff Searching For Local Victims

  1. Winston Churchhill
    February 20, 2010 at 11:49 am

    Don’t try and launch a fear mongering campaign on perfectly good people Sheriff Potato Head.
    The Bush administation is over.

  2. B. O'Donnell
    February 20, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    I have several questions about this story! First of all, who are the victims? Someone was victimized by a physical exam? The exam was for sports I assume since it was middle and high school age kids. I have almost always taken my kids to a local chiropractor for their physicals before soccer season because it was the most cost effective. What is the difference? They aren’t medical doctors but do physical exams!

    Practicing medicine without a license? What medicine? Was he writing prescriptions for Hydrocodone or Paxil or Morphine? Or is he practicing natural medicine, herbs, vitamins? I have been to a naturpath in IF and got better results naturally than ever from an MD!! So is this really a campaign against someone practicing natural medicine because people are flocking to that way of healing and the medical doctors are losing money because they have bilked us all for so long?

    Under investigation for selling the HCG diet formula? Anyone can get that off the internet!! What in the sam’s hell is going on here…..REALLY????

    Also, why so many agencies? Why did it take the Oneida County sheriff’s office, Bear River Drug Task Force and Bonneville County sheriff’s office to serve and execute a search warrant regarding physical exams? Hello, taxpayers !! Do you see any problem with the overkill resulting in the useless waste of your tax dollars?

    Anyone is free to email me with any answers or input to this! I would love to hear it!!

    Blondie *

  3. JSH
    February 22, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    I cannot believe the people of Oneida County keep on electing this fear tactic happy Sheriff. I’m glad I do not live in Malad. It is a beautiful place, but this sheriff really needs to go.

  4. J Cameron
    February 24, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    JSH, I would love to hear more about this guy. It sounds like he does need to go! Is his term up this year, is he seeking re-election? Does anyone run against him? Please feel free to email me with any info. I need all the input I can get! Thanks, J. Cameron

  5. Big Bird
    February 25, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    Call me ignorant, but I am confused at how this story has turned into an attack against the Sheriff, or even natural health for that matter. This story is so clearly about a man falsely claiming to have the credentials to legally practice as a physician. I’m going to give you all the benefit of the doubt and assume you are friends of the accused and not actually people I interact with on a daily basis.

    To B. O’Donnell: Since you are the only person with any real questions, I’ll address this post to you. The difference between this guy and a chiropractor has everything to do with education and licensing. You have to go to an accredited college and be licensed by a board in order to legally practice as a chiropractor, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, or a doctor of naturopathic medicine. There are regulations and laws put in place so that Big Bird off the street can’t legally sign his name on the the ‘Physician’s Signature’ line, give people medical treatment or advice, or write out prescriptions for controlled substances.

    Don’t get me wrong, I believe in people being able to use these treatments. I believe in herbal remedies and natural medicine. As it stands right now, people have the legal right to use them. However, I also believe that when I choose to visit one of these clinics, I should be able to trust that the people giving treatment have actually gone to an accredited school, that they have done the legal legwork, that they are licensed by the state, and that they are who they say they are.

    B. O’Donnell, your comment about being able to buy the HCG diet formula off the internet is ludicrous. Yes, you can buy it online. But you can also buy marijuana at your local high school. Does that make it legal? By law, HCG is a controlled substance, and by law, only a licensed physician can prescribe it. Since ‘Dr. Womack’ is in violation of licensing laws, he cannot legally write a prescription for HCG.

    As a taxpaying citizen, I say ‘Job Well Done’ to all the agencies involved. I will sleep well tonight knowing that my tax dollars have been used wisely and that there is one less phony in my neighborhood.

  6. February 25, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Oh you must be the “BIG” bird that is helping with filing all the complaints. You need to get a life. Obviously you are not into Homeopathic medicines, if you were then you wouldn’t be complaining “little” bird. Just because folks like you don’t believe in other health practices shouldn’t mean that we all should suffer from it. The Dr.’s in Malad are very good and I personally highly admire them but there is a place for Homeopathic herbs and Dr.’s such as Larry Womack, they are Amazing! What I’ve personally seen with Larry Womack is that he truely cares about heeling people. Lets talk about the overwhelming amount of positive support that he is getting from the residents of Malad and how many he has helped!! I have talked to countless people on a personal basis and he has made so many lives better including mine and many, many others that have been to his office . We don’t get new people nor new business very often in Malad and I think it will be a very sad day if folks like you run him out of here. I have heard rumors of him running a business that is a unsanitary environment and to say the least this is ludicrust. His business is one of the cleanest in Malad. It is very clean and suitable for anyone who wants to better their way of life. Why is it that we cannot have a nice business here in Malad that people can enjoy without driving for 50 miles to get to it. I want to show my support and I hope there will be others that will voice their opinion without fear of repercussion from the town “officials”!

  7. CP
    February 25, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Hcg is NOT a controlled substance in US law. The FDA states that we as US citizens are legally able to purchase medications we, or our families, need from other countries, up to a 3 months supply at a time.
    It is only in certain STATES that it is considered controlled, and here is a list of them:

    Indiana – hcg under legend drug act
    Louisiana – hcg is scheduled to prohibit practitioners from dispensing for body building
    Maine – all perscription drugs are scheduled
    New york
    North Carolina
    Rhode island

    I don’t see Idaho or Utah in there. I know for a fact that Utah DOPL and other States licensing agencies, are purposely trying to scare people from using hcg for weight loss, unless they get it from a licensed pharmacy. Those pharmacies complaining that they aren’t getting their “fair share” of this tremendous “market” are making a lot of noise and the licensing Dept’s are trying to placate their dear licensee’s by trying to scare people from getting it a less expensive way. ie:(Online)
    If Dr Womack was using a homeopathic version of hcg, it isn’t considered “prescribing” anything.
    They are purposely making examples of people and using scare tactics to do it. It is all a ruse. My guess is that even this story will quietly disappear.
    On the happier side:
    Some smart Utah legislators are trying to pass hcg through to make it so that it doesn’t need a prescription to use it for weight loss. THESE are the people who OBVIOUSLY care about the health and welfare of their citizens! Hallelujah and more power to them!

  8. Big Bird
    February 25, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    To Logical Sense: Little Bird?! That’s a good one. You really shouldn’t use such mean words. You might hurt my little feelings. By the way, I don’t know how you missed my comment earlier when I said that I actually DO believe in herbal remedies and natural medicine. It’s okay… You were probably just so blinded by your rage. Try not to be so upset with me because the law applies to your friends too.

    To CP: Who would have guessed that certified board officials with real credentials like those on the Idaho Board of Pharmacy would actually know what they were talking about? A simple search on Google will show you that Hcg IS actually considered a controlled substance in Idaho. Here is the State of Idaho website:


    Scroll down until you see the section labeled (f). This section is specifically about human growth hormone and actually names Chorionic Gonadotropin (or Hcg) as a controlled substance.

    You said, “Some smart Utah legislators are trying to pass hcg through to make it so that it doesn’t need a prescription to use it for weight loss.” So, what you are saying is that in Utah, you currently need a prescription from a licensed doctor to obtain it legally?

    I guess what I’m trying to understand is why you are all so ready to defend a man who is in clear violation of the law. I realize that he has helped people and I know that there are people out there who like him and support what he is doing. BUT, that doesn’t negate the fact that he is NOT a licensed doctor no matter how much he pretends to be one.

  9. B. O'Donnell
    February 26, 2010 at 7:57 am

    To Big Bird and other unlogicals, How do you know exactly that Dr. Womack is not a certified ND? Is he licensed in Idaho? I can tell you he is not, only a handful of “special” people get a license but there are Senators and state representatives working on that. So, if there are not any licensed Naturopaths in the area, including Idaho Falls, Pocatello, etc. shouldn’t they all be a target of law enforcement, Idaho Board of Pharmacy, etc.? Yeah, well they are not. Which tells me this is a head hunting expedition for one man! I would imagine that the medical doctors are very threatened by an ND who 1) CAN actually heal people without the newest pharmaceutical drugs (which can cause grave side effects including DEATH), 2) treat patients without the intent to “rape” them financially or “rape” the insurance companies, and 3) continually expands his knowledge and expertise by continuing his education, voluntarily, to learn everything he possibly can to help all that he can.

    Also, why are the “clinics” in IF selling HCG without any backlash? They have signs and banners up on street corners. If it truly is a controlled substance, why is this one doctor the target when so many “entities” are selling it? Does it make you wonder at all why he is the only one? Perhaps it should!

    I would imagine that since the sheriff wrote the article in the Tremonton Newspaper (it certainly was not a reporter since it was only his view, opinion and information) that he wants all the “dirt” he can get out into the public to support his raid on Dr. Womack. Why hasn’t he written another article about how he can PROVE that this ND has had no training, has plaques on his wall that were bogus, had certificates of training that were falsified and fraudulent? Perhaps because he has followed up by calling all of the schools to verify these credentials and they were all true? Perhaps you should call the sheriff and ask him if he has found any fraudulent medical training certifications, doctorates, etc. Go ahead, I double doggy dare you!! Please update me and the press with what the sheriff tells you!

    Obviously this sheriff intimidates people in the county and that needs to stop! And it will. He will reap his just rewards. He is NOT above being removed from office. On that same chopping block there may be others who are lined up. I think they have forgotten the oaths they all took when they got into office, that they work for the people. They are not there to threaten, harass, intimidate or misrepresent their position. Perhaps the people need to remind their elected officials who truly has the power. They may have had it stripped from them but when something as unjust as this happens, people tend to get their power back and fight for what is right. God Bless Dr. Womack and all of his supporters!!

  10. Big Bird
    February 26, 2010 at 11:13 am

    To all the ‘Logical’ people living on Fantasy Island:

    The definition of ‘logical’ as defined on Merriam Webster’s website: “1 a (1) : of, relating to, involving, or being in accordance with logic (2) : skilled in logic b : formally true or valid : analytic, deductive 2 : capable of reasoning or of using reason in an orderly cogent fashion

    Here is what using logic will tell you: Different people have different feelings. People’s feelings are subject to change and cannot be verified with tangible proof. Feelings are therefore opinion and not fact. Knowing that, we can then say that feelings are not always logical. On the contrary, feelings sometimes get in the way of logic. So, lets leave all of your personal feelings and opinions out of this (since they are only ‘logical’ to you) and look at the verifiable, tangible facts.

    The facts:
    1. Malad is in Idaho and is therefore subject to Idaho law.
    2. According to Idaho law, only a physician licensed in Idaho can legally complete and sign a physical in Idaho.
    3. According to Idaho law, only a physician licensed in Idaho can legally distribute Hcg, a controlled substance, in Idaho.
    4. When a person is caught in violation of the law, consequences logically follow.
    5. Larry Womack’s office was located in Malad, Idaho and is therefore subject to Idaho law.
    6. Regardless of any previous experience, schooling, certification, or training, Larry Womack does not currently have a license to legally practice as a physician in Idaho.
    7. Without an Idaho license, Larry Womack completed and signed physicals in Idaho.
    8. Without an Idaho license, Larry Womack distributed Hcg, a controlled substance, in Idaho.
    9. Since Larry Womack is not a licensed physician in Idaho, he is therefore in violation of Idaho law.
    10. Because Larry Womack is in violation of Idaho law, consequences have logically followed.
    11. The ‘opinion’ (or even fact) that others may break the law does not exempt Larry Womack from the consequences of his own personal violation of the law.

    Contrary to popular ‘opinion’, and as I stated previously, I am in favor of natural remedies and treatments. I use them in my own life. In my ‘opinion’, they should be available to everyone, even the people in Malad. In my ‘opinion’, it would be beneficial for all people to have access to those services, but only when they are provided in accordance to state law.

    So, here is my challenge to all you ‘logical’ thinkers out there, explain to me with verifiable, tangible facts (and not your feelings) how Larry Womack is NOT in violation of Idaho law and why he should not be subject to it. Because I am such a supporter of natural remedies, I even will go so far as to say that if you can prove to me that these facts are not actually facts, I will happily and wholeheartedly join your cause and march with you in the streets!

  11. B. O'Donnell
    February 26, 2010 at 1:26 pm

    Big Bird, Let me tell you that right now, it is impossible to get licensed by the state of Idaho to be an ND.
    So, should there be NO access to naturopathic medicine because the state of Idaho makes that impossible? It is currently impossible for a ND to take the required test, NPLEX, to be licensed, therefore the ND’s that are practicing are indeed providing services, NOT in accordance to state law because the state has made it that way to obviously benefit just a handful of “annointed” ones.

    With that being said, whether there are 5 or 14 (I have found 2 different numbers in my research) licensed ND’s in the state of Idaho, Larry Womack is NOT one of those. So, you can spew all the mumbo jumbo you want, but it is discrimination, just legal.

    Are you certain that the health provider you see is licensed, certified to treat patients under state law? Have you checked his/her credentials? If you see an ND I bet he/she is not licensed in the state of Idaho. That little ring of corruption is going to be blown out of the water!! You watch, there is going to be great pressure on our politicians to get the proper board of Naturopaths “on board” so that EVERY ND who has the proper education has the opportunity to be licensed. I understand there is a lawsuit against the state by a group of naturopaths because they were told they could get their state licenses, sent in their “fee” for said license, and got NOTHING!! Someone needs to answer for the corruption!

    If it is so cut and dry, Dr. Womack is guilty of said charges, why hasn’t he been charged with anything?

  12. Norm Young
    February 26, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    I am all for fairness. If previous to this article there had been a similar article stating the sheriff was “Looking for victims of Marian Evans, wife of Judge Evans” asking if you or anyone you knew had had recent surgery and had been prescribed pain medication, to check your medication and if you suspected that some of it or all of it was missing to contact the Oneida County Sheriff and they would fingerprint the bathroom and bottle to check for Mrs. Evans fingerprints. Anytime a person in authority or related to such authority is given special treatment, it is corruption.

  13. Big Bird
    February 26, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Again, I’m confused as to which facts you are arguing. For arguments’ sake, I’ll assume it is my Fact #11 as stated above. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what you are saying is that because others have been given ‘special’ treatment, and because others have broken the law, Larry Womack is therefore justified in knowingly breaking the law?

    And in answer to your question about whether or not I check the credentials of the natural health providers I see: No, I don’t. The reason I don’t is because the services they provide and the products they sell are not in violation of the law. I have never asked them to do a physical, which would require a licensed physician’s signature. And I don’t need to check their credentials because they don’t write prescriptions for controlled substances. If they did, it would raise some red flags for me. However, if I were to go to an acupuncturist or a massage therapist who would be ‘treating’ me, you had better believe I would be checking their credentials and references!

    In my opinion, your energy would be better spent trying to change the law and not on trying to undermine those who enforce it nor change the minds of those who abide by it. However, I think you are going to have a difficult time changing the law especially after stating that your prime example is justified in breaking it.

  14. B. O'Donnell
    February 26, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Well, Big Bird, Obviously you are confused. I did not say that Dr. Womack was not in the wrong, what I did say was that he is being singled out.

    I will make this very short so you may understand it.

  15. Big Bird
    February 26, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    You are right. I am confused. Your rambling on and on about irrelevant topics confuses me. Jump back up to my initial comment and you will see that I was confused from the start. I still cannot understand how a story about a man with blatant disregard for the law has ignited discussion about the re-election of a Sheriff who enforces the law as it is written, the oaths he or any of his fellow officers have taken, or the tax dollars they have used in protecting the people from illegal activity.

    For you to say that Larry Womack is being singled out amongst other law breakers is merely your ‘opinion’ and not actually fact. Unless, of course, you have verifiable, tangible proof that there are other people in violation of the law who are being given ‘special’ privileges. If that were the case, you then have the moral obligation to come forward with any information you may have about Larry Womack or any other person who breaks the law. Which really just brings us full circle, doesn’t it? Here we are, right back to the reason this article was published in the first place.

  16. B. O'Donnell
    February 26, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    Well, Big Bird, I am sorry you feel I am rambling on and on about irrelevent topics. Perhaps I am. I don’t expect you to really understand because you have no way of knowing what all occured the day of the raid and the sheriff’s actions that day or since. All I will say is, just wait and see what happens. There is so much more to this than Dr. Womack being accused of violating a law.

  17. Big Bird
    February 26, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    Now don’t you go worrying your silly little head, B. O’Donnell. I’ll wait and I’ll watch. And trust me, I’ll enjoy the show from the front row.

  18. Bea S
    February 27, 2010 at 9:29 am

    I have friends in Malad and from what I understand the headlines need to read “Oneida citizens looking for more victims of Oneida County Officials”!

  19. J Cameron
    February 27, 2010 at 11:16 am

    Reading these back and forth posts to and from Big Bird and B. O’Donnell, it makes me wonder who Big Bird is. I find it interesting that Big Bird never had a thing to say about the post regarding the judges wife. Plus he/she has really only questioned why the sheriff is even a subject in these opinionated posts. Notice he/she is hiding behind an anonymous name as well? Not real brave, maybe it IS “little bird” like the one writer suggested.

  20. Big Bird
    February 27, 2010 at 5:10 pm

    Bravery has nothing to do with it, friend. It’s about moral character and the causes you choose to stand behind. Frankly, I wouldn’t think twice about sharing my name if my neck was the only one on the chopping block. But, there are innocent people and families involved and I have to have consideration for their right to peace and privacy.

    Do you really think I don’t know that this runs much deeper than what we’ve scratched on the surface? Of course I do. I’ve known it for years. Would it surprise you to know that in deciding to take this stance I had a very difficult choice to make? Do I sacrifice my own personal relationships with people I care dearly about in order to promote justice? Or do I sacrifice justice in order to save my own personal relationships with people I care dearly about? Is there any question where my moral compass has led me? Walk a mile in my shoes and tell me how brave you’d be.

    With regards to the comment on the judge’s wife: I am still struggling to understand what that topic or the mindless babble about the Sheriff have to do with the choices of Larry Womack. The way I see it, the fact that you are still attempting to shift the focus to off-subject topics shows that you haven’t got enough common sense, moral character, or courage to look truth square in the eye and admit that it is truth. Instead, your ‘strategy’ has been to divert the attention elsewhere because you ‘like’ Larry Womack. How very, very brave of you.

    Let’s get one thing clear. This situation wasn’t ‘put upon’ Larry Womack. He isn’t the victim here. This whole situation is the result of CHOICES he made. Just like the rest of us, he was faced with a CHOICE to either follow the law or break it. And folks, he made the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to violate the law. Like it or not, he has to put on his big boy britches and face the legal consequences.

    So where does that leave the rest of us? With the CHOICE to stand behind and fight for people who willing CHOOSE to break the law or to stand behind and fight for those who sacrifice to uphold it.

  21. Logical Sense
    February 28, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    BIG Bird has little bird syndrome and needs to go back to his nest and quit being such a busy body. It’s not nice to envy other people because they are more successful than you. If Womack was doing something wrong then he should be charged. Please don’t keep us in suspense here. They are looking at every little thing I’m sure and trying very hard to find something wrong with what he is doing so that they can run him out of town. Obviously the folks of Malad are tired of the favoritism that happens in this town. And if this isn’t the truth then Big Bird wouldn’t be nervous about his beek being on the chopping block! HMMMM, why is it that new buisness doesn’t come to Malad. Just a thought.

  22. j. cameron
    March 1, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    Boy, Logical Sense makes more sense than Big Bird, who claims to making a stance yet hides behind the feathers of “Big Bird”. Believe me, I took a stance in my community against a local official, WITH MY NAME!! I was harassed and judged and everything else, but I believed in what I was doing therefore continued shopping at the local grocery store with my chin held high no matter what others thought. In an overly religious community, it was a very difficult thing to do, particularly because this local official was an LDS bishop as well. We all know how that goes! Nonetheless, just like then, I now believe that Dr. Womack is the actual victim. If he did break the law (which he has not been charged with any crime as of yet) then he will have consequences and I am not arguing that point. I am saying that I believe the people responsible were so determined to run this doctor out of town that they too broke some laws. They too should have consequences for the actions. It is just a shame that people in the community have been terrorized and harassed and are too afraid to speak up and stop this abuse of power by officials who supposedly represent those in the community. So, whomever has broken the law(s) shall be held responsible for their actions.

    J. Cameron

  23. Logical Sense
    March 2, 2010 at 9:19 am

    Your exactly RIGHT J. Cammeron, Well said!

  24. D.A. Jill Child
    June 3, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    Whoever started this lynching, is a miserable individual. Our family welcomes a healthy lifestyle through natural medicine. It has been around for centuries, many people who have closed minds maybe have never experienced medical doctors who have given up on you….or keep pushing medicine. Larry Womack has already helped our daughter walk better and have a more positive outlook on life…. she has been crippled since birth. I wish everyone he helps would come forth, you would be amazed. We live in Utah, and travel to see him, because of his positive track record of helping people. If he was a fraudulent individual, there would be no good reports. There are so many people who feel better because of him, he has a good heart and cares.

  25. Lab Tech
    June 22, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    To all on here. My daughter went to Mr. Womack with an adult friend who is going consistently to him. She was told by him (after him taking her blood and making a slide) that she had parasites, anemia, her back was out of joint and that when the blood dried it showed that she had had a concussion at some point in her life…due to the shape of the dried cells. During this time he was going in and out of the room and telling my daughter and the friend about other patients he was telling about other patient including names. This is a HUGE HIPPA violation. I am not against naturopathic medicine. I think it can have it’s place. I also know that to practice it there is a school to teach it. I know about blood. It is what I do for my profession every day. This man is a quack. He must be very charismatic for many of you to be paying him your money. I firmly believe that your frame of mind can help you heal so maybe he is giving you hope. But from a professional stand point he is full of crap. His description of parasites is absolutely laughable. Enjoy being ripped off by a snake oil salesman and being happy about it.

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