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Are Tremonton City fire services wanted in local communities?

It’s an issue that’s been talked about for years, but Tremonton City has yet to resolve it; offering their emergency services to other local communities even if they don’t want it.

Deweyville, Elwood and other unincorporated Box Elder County towns have formed the Box Elder Fire District, a district that offers fire and rescue services to those communities. However, Tremonton City still responds to dispatch calls when an emergency occurs in those areas.

Tremonton City now wants a decision from those communities on whether or not they want their services. The will meet with local leaders and mayors and come up with a written agreement. Until then they will still respond and offer their services.

In other council news, this year’s budget is proving to be a little “off” as council members scramble to make up for spending where the budget didn’t cover.

The sales tax revenue is slightly less than the city expected and budgeted so the council will meet with department heads and start limiting expenses. As the 2009-10 budget year comes to an end in June, the council will begin the next budget year soon and will have to decide what to cut and limit their spending on. They estimate they will be short about $159,000 this year.

Members of the Tremonton City Library board are wondering what the status is of the Bear River Museum and Cultural Center and if it will be located next door to them.

Board members of the museum have the go-ahead from the city to build a museum on the old tennis courts just east of the library at Shuman Park, however they must raise all the funds to build it and maintain and operate the facility.

The library board was concerned the city was spending city money on the building rather than expanding the library. Council members assured them that the museum is not a city-funded project and that if the library board wants to expand they must come up with the funds themselves.

Tremonton City Council meets the first and third Tuesday nights of the month at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center. The public is welcome to attend.


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