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City looks into road repairs

Cari Doutre
Leader Correspondent

It’s no secret that driving on Tremonton City roads can be hazardous, especially in the older parts of town.
Tremonton City’s Public Works department has identified those areas and is looking at the cost of fixing the most problematic intersections. Frank Blum, a resident of the Melody Park subdivision in south Tremonton, approached the council on Tuesday night with his concerns for intersections in his neighborhood that are unsafe for drivers.
The intersection near Blum’s home at 835 South and 150 West is the worst in the neighborhood because of the six-inch dip that vehicles must maneuver around to make it across. In the winter, the intersection fills with water and ice which makes it a little easier to drive over, but during dry weeks the intersection often causes damages to vehicles.
Paul Fulgham, Director of Tremonton City’s Public Works department, stated there are currently over 25 problem intersections in Tremonton. The worst intersections are just in front of the Tremonton Police Department, the one near Blum’s home and the one near IFA. Fixing the intersections will not only be costly, but, a time consuming process.
Some of the intersections are close to storm water drains which the city can put pipes under the ground to drain them and then re-grade the street. But in Melody Park that process would be harder due to the age of the sewer and water lines.
Many of the lines would need to be replaced before the city can dig up the intersections in Melody Park. That would include digging up homeowners’ yards and the streets to replace those lines.
“It’s going to be a costly adventure,” Fulgham said.

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1 comment for “Tremonton

  1. Denise Hancock
    April 29, 2015 at 11:15 am

    Dear mayor I hope the backlash from this assine decision you and the city counsels unanimous decision to FIRE
    the chief of police you will ever have will hont you for years to come.
    Linda Bourne is the most honest,carrying, devoted,smart,going above and beyond her duty you. Will ever know.
    THANK YOU Linda for all you do for the community of Garland.

    Denise Hancock

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