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Fraser challenges Honeyville council’s decision

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Fraser challenges Honeyville council’s decision

Ellen Cook
Leader Correspondent

Honeyville City’s new administration hit a stumbling block at its first meeting held on Wednesday, Jan. 13, and the snag came from within its own ranks.
Newly elected councilman John Fraser challenged a recent decision from the council that he be given a leave of absence from his job as a full-time city employee during his term of office, stating that his service in both capacities would become a conflict of interest. Fraser was notified of the decision prior to taking the oath of office on Jan. 4.
Fraser argued that he would not nor could not misuse his powers as a councilman while remaining a city worker, despite concerns to the contrary. “Unless there are two more votes with me, I can’t do anything,” he told the rest of the council.
Fraser, who is also on the volunteer fire department, said he ran for public office because no one else had filed for the position. “Now I am being put in a difficult position,” he said. “I could keep the job that I love, that I might get fired from anyway, or I could take the council seat.”
After hearing “testimonials” from several of Fraser’s fellow firefighters urging the city to reconsider their action and keep Fraser on as an employee for the next four years, Mayor Dave Forsgren said, “No one is saying John hasn’t done a good job. The issue is the unnumbered conflicts that would come from his being on the council, especially with his co-workers.”
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1 comment for “Fraser challenges Honeyville council’s decision

  1. January 21, 2010 at 12:57 am

    How is the world could a city employee run for Council and not be expected to resign his city position if elected? He needs to give up one or the other. It is a significant conflict of interest. I am surprised there is no state law prohibiting this. There is in other western states. Don Morrison, President, the Local Government Institute.

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