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Mayor gets his raise – or half

Garland City Mayor Scott Coleman will be getting a raise, but it won’t be for the amount he originally budgeted for himself.

Last Wednesday night the Garland City Council discussed at great lengths what that amount should be and the final decision was not an easy on. An ordinance was on the agenda to discuss compensation rates for elected officials, set an amount and vote on it.

Coleman started off the discussion stating what he had said in past council meetings, that more compensation would result in more people to run for the office of mayor.

“When we try to get people to run for public office, it’s like trying to pull teeth,” Coleman said.

The first part of the compensation rate for elect officials ordinance was to discuss and decide an exact amount the council felt Coleman should be compensated, even though a $1,000 salary for Coleman was worked into the budget passed in June.

“We need to decide what number we are going to put on compensation because apparently there was some confusion,” said Coleman.

The full story is in this week’s Leader.

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