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The Shrinking East Promontory Road

Box Elder County commissioners discussed a gated public road during their most recent meeting.
The county leaders heard from miner Paul Hales, who stated his concerns over a recently installed locked gate on what he considered a public, albeit little traveled road near Promontory Point, known as the East Promontory Road.
“All the roads on that peninsula should be public,” Hales told the commissioners. “Basically what is happening on that Promontory mountain range is the county road keeps shrinking. Now someone has taken it upon themselves to put in a gate, acting like that road has been vacated. You guys have been pushed back and pushed back without anybody complaining about it.”
County Road Supervisor Bill Gilson said the road in question leads to about 720 acres of public lands held by the Bureau of Land Management, although it is mainly accessed through private property. There is another 28,000 acres held by local ranchers and businesses.
Three of the property owners next to the gate include Young Resources, Promontory Landfill, LLC and GWSC Property, LLC
Hales said he owns an additional 280 acres in the area and contended the road now gated has never been vacated by the county in the past 75 years, as far as he could tell. “I went back and I’ve done my research,” he said.
He left it in the hands of the commissioners to take care of the problem. “I’m not going to start cutting locks. That’s not my position,” he told them, although he did make it clear he did not want any more of the road going back in to private hands.
More about the shrinking road in this week’s Leader

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