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Promontory Pointers 8-27-14

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent


At this time Winnie Richman would like to pay tribute to the now 75-year-old Little League baseball program. World wide, there are two million kids enrolled and one million volunteers. Even the umpires, who are allowed only one game at the World Series, are volunteers. The organization was started in 1939 in Williamsport, Pa., and is the center of the Little League World Series Finals now.

Laura Wheatley reports her older girls are done with their swimming lessons. Georgia keeps asking when they can go swimming again. Laura tried to make a peach pie from a recipe on the internet. The recipe was for four pies and Laura had only enough peaches for one, so there was too much of everything. “The pie was a failure, but there was a real education excerpted,” Laura says.

Laura helped one of her sisters move into a new house recently. Laura’s other sister tended her own, Laura’s and the moving sister’s children for the day. At day’s end, Laura just came home with her girls, too tired to stop and talk.

Orson Poulsen’s granddaughter, Arianna, came to the Poulsen home for a few hours Saturday. “We always have fun when she comes for a visit,” Orson says.

Orson also says he enjoyed meeting with a former missionary friend from his mission in France. “We enjoyed getting caught up with each other,” Orson says.

Cleo Petit is still enjoying the cooler weather with husband Gary. “But it’s going to get cold way too soon,” she says. She also reports their tomato plant is bearing tasty tomatoes.

Boyd Udy is looking forward to the Box Elder County Fair and Rodeo. He will help in several places.

Boyd went to the Fort Ranch to help wean the foals that were sold in June at their sale. The mares will be checked over before turning them back to pasture. The foals will be ready for their new owners on Aug. 23.

Jim and Starr Mitchel didn’t trap a weasel; they trapped a mink! It was a wily, innovative creature pulling away boards of the chicken coop to get at the coop’s inhabitants. When Jim’s repair efforts overcame the animal’s best efforts at entry, it went into the live trap to get the bait there. The mink’s kill count finally ended at four turkeys, five laying hens and the rooster. The Mitchell’s have only one laying hen left.

Starr has been canning chili sauce and pumpkins from the garden for pies and cookies.

Starr’s mother lives near Lake Michigan in Illinois. She was planning to come to Promontory this past summer, but decided to stay home in the cooler weather. Lake Michigan still has winter ice and the breezes have kept the whole region cooler.

On Wednesday, after art with Carolyn Carter, Winnie stopped in to give grandson Skyler Richman his piano lesson. He is accepting many of the new skills readily. Granny is proud of him.

Thursday Winnie went to Smithfield to check prices on cattle and calves. The car performed in its usually good manner.

On Friday Winnie was headed to the Promontory Ranch to visit teach when she notices the battery light was on. “Oh well,” she thought, “they can give me a push to get me home,” and drove on. A few minutes later the power steering went out. With much effort Winnie got turned around. When she tried to call Clynn for advice the phone wasn’t in range so she kept going. But at the Golden Spike Visitors Center road all the lights on her panel went on and the temperatures gague was blinking. The phone was in ranch so she called Clynn who told her to call a wrecker to get her to town. She called Travis Hansen at Fixed Automotive who gave her the name and number of Accident Pros who came and loaded her up and took her to town. Winnie thanks April for coming to get her at Fixed Automotive and bringing her home.

On Saturday after all the pulleys and belts were replaced, son Lyle came to the ranch and drove Winnie to town to take the car home.

Sunday Winnie was unable to got o church due to a terrible insect bite that swelling alarmingly and was very big and hard. She was also somewhat feverish. Nothing stopped the awful itching until Winnie put ice packs on it. She is now well and the welling is gone, along with the itch.


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