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Promontory Pointers 8-20-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Orson Poulsen reports not having named the new little filly (girl horse). “Nothing seems to really work,” he says. “She will have to earn her name.” He further states he will think of a French name, maybe, since he served a mission to France and studied French in college. He also has a teaching certification for French.
The Poulsen garden is winding down except for the potatoes and squash. There are still some zucchinis and banana squash (need a frost to be totally ready). He will use the banana squash, with the help of his pumpkin pie recipe, for pies.
Orson and Jeannette are still on their mission with the Bishops’ Storehouse until September.
Zane Wheatley has firmly anchored the girls’ swing set. They are loving it. However, the fall mosquitoes are really bad so it is hard to be outside.
Laura started Everly and Georgia in swimming lessons for two weeks at the Natatorium in Tremonton. They are loving every minute of it.
Laura states the kittens are really getting rowdy and having fun from jumping and playing. They have also learned to bite, which the girls don’t like.
The highlights of the girls’ week was being invited to Reagen Percival’s birthday party at the bowling alley in Tremonton. It was their first time to bowl, but they had fun. Cake was served there, too.
Laura says the garden is producing leaf lettuce, zucchini, and crook-necked yellow squash.
Jim and Starr Mitchell had a very busy week canning salsa and jalapeno jelly. This jelly is not so hot as it is tasty. One takes a cracker with cream cheese on top and adds a little of the jelly and enjoys.
The couple also cut up green peppers and froze them. During the week a terrible wind storm blew the tomato supports over. Jim was able to replant the supports; not much damage was done to the tomato bushes.
Starr was delighted to be with granddaughter Gabrielle for a day. They read together and played until Starr had to ask for a rest.
Boyd Udy reports just enjoying the cooler weather. “It is unusual to enjoy the weather during the first two weeks of August,” he says.
On Tuesday Pam and Jack Apodaca met Winnie Richman at Denny’s for a birthday breakfast for Winnie.
The three people chatted merrily for nearly two hours, almost draining the hot chocolate and coffee pots.
Wednesday was Winnie and Carolyn Carter’s regular art day. After making great progress on their canvasses, Carolyn took Winnie to Chuck-A-Rama for a birthday lunch. It was delicious. “Thank you, Carolyn,” Winnie says.
On Friday Winnie, April, Marriah, Zach and Skyler Richman all went school clothes shopping in Logan.
After the big rush they all had a delicious meal at the Golden Corral. Marriah slipped away for a minute and returned with a dish of ice cream with chocolate from the chocolate fountain for Winnie.
Zach and Skyler also disappeared and brought Granny Win a huge cone of blue cotton candy, one of Winnie’s favorite things.
On Sunday the Thatcher Penrose Second Ward Choir sang an intermediary hymn titled “Lord, I Would Follow Thee.” With the able leadership of choir director Carol Larsen and accompanist Debbie Hudman, the song came off very well. Every choir member must be given full credit for their talents, too.



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