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Promontory Pointers 8-13-14

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Starr Mitchell has been very busy. She spent three days tending granddaughter Gabrielle, who can say, “Ga-ma, Ga-ma,” as she heads lickety split into her grandmother’s open arms.

On one of her return trips, Starr found a deer in the family garden. It ate more of the squash vines. Jim tried again to discourage it by raising the fence higher. Starr also made another batch of jam and some plum butter from the Mitchells’ own plums. Their garden has produced enough cucumbers for pickles. Starr says some mice have gotten into the tomatoes and cukes.

Jim, meanwhile, found three dead turkeys and several dead chickens in the coop. The rooster tried unsuccessfully to defend the hens and got badly injured. He might die. Later that night Jim heard a commotion in the back yard. When he hurried out to see what was going on he saw a huge black weasel trying to pull a dead chicken through the coop wall. Jim set a trap, caught it and killed it. He will continue to set the trap and try to catch any other predators around.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen spent three days up in Jackson Hole, Wyo., with Jeannette’s son, Brandon, his wife and two children. They all drove over to Yellowstone Park to show the children Old Faithful and do some fishing in Yellowstone Lake. They each caught some fish. The two families stayed in their RV camp trailers at night and had a great time. Orson reports his second crop of hay was good.

Boyd Udy took his horse up to Oakley near Park City for a cowcutting contest. Boyd’s job is to line up the necessary numbers of cattle, get them sorted into groups, and then push them into the arena as needed for the competitions.

A professional horse trainer and TV star, Pat Parelli, was also at Oakley and actually worked with Boyd and the cattle for two days. “It was an honor to ride and work with him,” Boyd says. He also mentions daughter Jessica was there to celebrate her birthday. Boyd, along with all the rest of Promontory, is loving the rain we’re getting.

Laura Wheatley dressed her older daughters in raincoats and let them play out in the rain and puddles for awhile. “They had fun,” she says.

On Sunday the Wheatleys blessed little Ruby during sacrament meeting at church. All the family got together afterward for a potluck dinner and Dutch oven meat. There were about 25 people present.

Monday night Heather Lott came to the Double S Bar Ranch to help Winnie Richman get the scraper back on the tractor. It only took the two ladies a minute or two. Then they went inside to talk to Clynn.

Wednesday Winnie and Carolyn Carter went to art and made great progress on their canvasses.

On Thursday Winnie bought a case of strawberries and sliced them and mixed them with sugar. She stirred them up thoroughly when she got finished, then let them sit, covered, overnight. In the morning she put the very sweet and juicy strawberries into plastic containers and froze them for future use as toppings for ice cream and French toast or pancakes.

Friday night Winnie reported to Clynn that the well pressure was down and the pump was making a terrible racket. He called nephew Randy Richman, who came out in the morning. Randy, Amanda, Dalton, Kodon and Kylee worked for several hours in the well housing and then told Winnie to go to Logan for a “bladder” for the pump. She did while the group went back to Salt Lake City. That evening they came back and installed the new bladder. The pump still didn’t work.

Winnie called Glenn’s Electric in Logan and asked for emergency service. Drew Glenn came out, pulled the pump, made some much needed changes and restored water to the trough on the mountain for some very thirsty cattle and horses. “There are no words of thanks great enough,” Clynn says, “to express our feelings to Drew Glenn for saving our pump in time to keep from bringing our animals off the mountains in order to get them to water.”

Since Winnie’s birthday was on a weekday, she served cake to family members before they all went home. Heather brought fruit salad sandwiches and cheese puffs to eat first to help celebrate the improved water situation and the birthday.


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