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Cleaning up Tremonton’s weeds

th-4Finding a lot filled with weeds or even an unkempt yard in Tremonton is not too hard, but that may be a thing of the past. City officials are stepping up their game when it comes to enforcing city codes, including the weed problem.

“We want to try to beautify the town a little bit more and keep things looking better,” said Police Chief David Nance. “We fix up Main Street, but then you go one block to the north or south and it’s trash. It just doesn’t do us a lot of good.”

While Nance agrees it can be difficult to clear up weeds, he feels it is important for people to take pride in what they own. “If you own property, you are responsible for it. By taking care of it, you are making it more appealing,” he said.

According to city code, weeds are considered a nuisance when they create a fire hazard, a source of contamination or pollution and become a danger to health. They also become a problem if they create a habitat for insects, rodents and other undesirable life form.

“In Tremonton we look at it as a health and safety issue,” said Animal Control officer Greg Horspool. “What would be the flame index coming off a one-foot weed? If that area did catch on fire how would it affect the neighborhood?”



1 comment for “Cleaning up Tremonton’s weeds

  1. Kathy Fuhriman
    August 7, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Whose responsibility is it to maintain all of the stubbed roads that lead into a field? There are several areas where the road has curb, cutter and asphalt and weeds have grown up between the cracks. River Valley Subdivision for instance.

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