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Promontory Pointers 8-6-14


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Orson Poulsen was given a first-ever rare opportunity on July 24. Due to the benevolance of horse owner, Dr. LaMar Johnson and friend and antique buggy owner, Eli Anderson, Orson was given the orders to help hook up the team of well-mannered horses to Eli’s buggy and ride them in the Days of ’47 Parade. “It was exciting even though the team behaved perfectly,” Orson says. “Thank you, Dr. Johnson and Mr. Anderson.”
Orson also reports their garden is now producing green beans and zucchini squash.
Jim and Starr Mitchell drove to a pool party in Brigham City last week. They were joined by son and daughter-in-law Steven and Ashley Mitchell and granddaughter Gabrielle. Gabby really loved the water slide! After they left the pool, the Mitchells had delicious food and some barbecue meat.
During the week Starr made some apricot/raspberry jam for future use.
The Mitchell’s garden was attacked by a mouse, who made great inroads into their only watermelon and some deer who got in somehow and ate some of the vines of the pumpkins and squash. The deer were caught red-handed (footed) and won’t be back soon. The mouse will not live too long if it eats what is left of the watermelon. The pumpkins, which are the pie variety, are already turning orange. Jim and Starr are very grateful for the rain on Promontory.
Boyd Udy reports just “fiddlin’” with some horses and getting ready to fence when the weather gets cooler. The touch-up jobs on the fire breaks are done.
Boyd measured the rain and came up with one-half inch. However, the intense down pour flooded one of his buildings with water and mud.
Dr. Keller’s family member has asked Winnie Richman to put into her column that Dr. Keller has retired as of July 31, after 43 years of service. Winnie visited him and he said he had no definite plans yet as to what he might do in retirement. One of his staff said everybody was mad at him for leaving them. “Personally,” Winnie says, “I will miss going there and hearing him laugh in the background, and then trading funny stories with him.”
On Monday Winnie Richman received and off-loaded 36 bales of beautiful winter feeder hay.
Monday evening Tammy Benson came to the Double S Bar to help Winnie finally set up her computer and printer/scanner. Winnie has had the printer so long without using it that all the ink has dried up. Supposedly, it is an easy problem to fix.
Carolyn Carter and Winnie drove to art to work on their projects. Carolyn is coming along rapidly. All the class members love it. Winnie’s project is coming along well, too.
On July 24, Winnie was sent to town to buy ice cream for banana splits. It was a quick trip. The ice cream really got the Richmans cool that evening.
Also, early Thursday, Winnie received another load of hay from James Bingham.
A highlight of Winnie’s trip to town was meeting Annette Olsen in Kent’s Market Place. The two friends talked at length before Winnie came home.
Friday and Saturday Winnie stacked hay a little at a time due to needing to stop to let the tractor cool down so she could add oil to the motor.
Cleo and Gary Petit are enjoying the cooler temperatures, especially in the evenings. They had a good breakfast with friends at J&D’s Restaurant in Brigham City last week. They had a quiet 24th of July.
Laura Wheatley tried to move the new kittens out on the porch near the automatic cat door. Mrs. Kitty just brought them inside again to “her” closet. Laura says it will just be for a little while longer. They still need to get stronger.
Now that Ruby is growing strong and fast, Laura has begun again with preschool for Everly and Georgia. She reports they are having trouble with the sound of W.
The Wheatley’s garden finally produced one edible zucchini. It was quickly snapped up, peeled and grated, and added to Laura’s pancake recipe with a little grated cheese. Laura doesn’t add the sugar in the recipe, feeling the pancakes are just as tasty without it. She had to hurry with peeling the vegetable because her girls won’t eat anything that is green.


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