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Rollover leads to chain of crashes

securedownload[1]accident 2 accident 1I-15 near the Honeyville overpass saw a number of minor crashes Monday afternoon following a rollover that slowed traffic.

Lt. Lee Perry with Utah Highway Patrol said the initial crash involved a southbound truck that was just south of the overpass at milepost 372 about 2:30 p.m., when the driver’s rear tire separated, causing the driver to swerve.  The pickup rolled and a camper shell on the truck came off.

Two female passengers inside escaped with minor injuries.  Both were from Idaho.

Shortly after, two more vehicles traveling south in the same area were involved in a minor crash when one car failed to see the slowing traffic and rear-ended the other.

Perry said less than a half hour later  more crashes occurred at milepost 374, also in the southbound lanes, when two cars moved into the fast lane to avoid the slower traffic then ran into the front vehicle that had slowed down because of the previous crashes.  One, a Hyundai, ran into the other, a Mazda, causing it to spin into the median.

Perry said no one in any of the crashes were seriously injured but encouraged drivers to scan ahead as far as possible to look for vehicles that may be slowing or swerving.  “If you see brake lights or vehicles moving in a particular direction, you should immediately take your foot off the gas and start preparing to brake or take other evasive maneuvers,” he cautioned.


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