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Motorcyclists injured in crash | the Leader

Motorcyclists injured in crash

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
By theleader

Willrd accidentFour motorcycists were injured Monday evening after they crashed into a delivery truck in South Willard.

A report from Utah Highway Patrol said the motorcyclists were traveling in the southbound lane of SR-89 at 8700 S., about 6:30, and approached a slower-moving one-ton truck traveling the same direction in the outside lane.  Just as the motorcyclists attempted to pass the truck, the driver, a 50-year-old male from Layton, suddenly made a left-hand turn across the inside lane.

The lead motorcyclist, a 28-year-old male from Ogden, braked hard, hitting the driver’s side door of the truck.  The next two bikers also attempted to brake and go to the right side of the truck, but one caught his handle bars on the rear of the truck, send the driver and a female passenger onto the roadway.  The third bike avoided the truck but struck the second bike already down in the road, causing that rider to also go down onto the pavement.  A fourth motorcyclist was able to maintain control and pull to the shoulder.

The driver of the truck was treated and released at the scene.  His 15-year-old passenger was transported to Brigham City Community Hospital with minor abrasions to his face.

The first motorcyclist was knocked unconscious, but was alert and in good condition when transported to the hospital.  He was wearing a full-face shield helmet.  The second biker, a 24-year-old male from North Ogden, was transported by Life Flight air ambulance to McKay-Dee Hospital in serious condition with broken ribs and a punctured lung.  His 37-year-old passenger was taken by ground ambulance to Ogden Regional Hospital with a broken leg and arm.  The third motorcyclist was a 34-year-old male from Ogden who was also taken to Ogden Regional with a foot injury.

The UHP report said only the lead biker was wearing a helmet.  SR-89 was closed for over an hour while the helicopter and ambulances picked up patients and troopers investigated the crash site.  Box Elder Sheriff’s deputies and officers from Perry police also responded and assisted with diverting traffic onto SR-126.




5 Responses to “Motorcyclists injured in crash”

  1. Opeth51

    Lol nice. These bikers obviously didn’t keep their safe distance. The truck driver needs to pay extra attention to motorcycles as they are cocky more often then not

  2. CP

    Safe distance! Really did you read the story dummy!?!? There is no safe distance when the guy turns sharply in their lane to make a u turn or whatever he was doing in front of them??? These bikers did nothing wrong! They are alive, thank god for that because this driver failed to look out for these innocent riders! Get your facts straight before you talk bad about the innocent! It could very well have happened to you or one if your loved ones my friend!!! These bikers are not AS YOU SAY COCKY BIKERS!!! Get a clue! Start watching for motorcycles people!


    I thought the reporter laid out the story pretty well. How could anyone read it and come away with such an erroneous conclusion as the bikers ‘didn’t keep a safe distance’? Clearly someone has preconceived biased opinions about bikers. A sad way to go through life. Thankfully it sounds like everyone will recover. Helmets are a good thing.

  4. Rider

    Opeth51 if you don’t know all the facts keep your damn mouth shut! I was one of the riders that collided with this truck.

  5. KR

    People need to learn to shut up! Thank god these riders are OK! My husband is a rider and this same thing almost happened to him!! It takes a very arrogant person to blame the riders for something that was not their fault. People need to learn to watch for bikes better!


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