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Promontory Pointers 7-9-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley and the two older girls have been in front of their TV watching the World Cup games. “I don’t know much about soccer,” Laura says, “so we cheer for the team with the prettiest uniforms or brightest shoes. Everly and Georgia get really excited when one of our teams scores.”
Laura took her family to Tremonton to the Splash Pad in Library Park. Everly and Georgia had a great time. “Ruby and I just watched,” Laura says. Ruby is growing fast and is sleeping almost all night.
Zane happened to look out through the living room picture window and saw five little buck in the front yard. He says the Wheatley garden is really doing well. All that was planted, except the lettuce, has come up.
Boyd Udy says he was extremely honored by Ray Udy’s family in being asked to transport Ray’s casket for the final mile and half to the cemetery after the funeral. “It went well, with both horses being well behaved and quiet,” he says.
Last Saturday Boyd drove to the Fort Ranch for their 37th annual foal sale. He hopped on one of their horses and helped head man, Landon (the new Fort foreman), separate mares and their foals from the herd before turning them together into the auction arena for bidding on the foals. “Working with horses and friends is a great joy in my life,” Boyd says.
Jim and Starr Mitchell are enjoying the fruits of their gardening labors. Last week Starr worked hard pulling weeds and directing the water to all the places it needed to go.
The highlight of Starr’s week was tending granddaughter, Gabrielle. The little almost-two-year-old loves being read to. Since Ogden weather is hotter than Promontory, the pair stayed inside in the cool house. Starr and Gabby practiced the number “9” concept and also did work on the colors yellow and blue. “She is a very inquisitive child,” Starr says. “She is always saying, ‘What’s zat, what’s zat?’”
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen are picking their own peas and eating them with cooked potatoes. He says the rest of the garden is doing great. “It does seem as if two weeds spring up for every one pulled out,” he observes.
Cleo Petit reports keeping cool in the evenings out under the trees with Gary. She was headed to church Sunday when her car air conditioner broke down. She decided it was too hot to keep going so she went back home. “Gary can fix it,” she said.
Tuesday Lyle Richman came to the Double S Bar Ranch to see why the tractor’s RPM indicator wouldn’t work. He stayed to have some spaghetti and meat sauce with Clynn and Winnie. He didn’t do the RPM thing but did some work on some old motor hoses. He told Winnie to buy some hoses to match what he saw needed replacing, plus some hose clamps. Winnie said she would. After eating and chatting, he went home.
On Wednesday after art and chores, Clynn and Winnie watched the final game of the College World Series Baseball Championship. Very few colleges have had to have a third game like these two tough teams did. Vanderbilt was the ultimate winner. They had never won a college world series in baseball before.
On Saturday Aaron Richman came to the ranch and removed the RPM cable from Clynn’s big tractor. Winnie was instructed to order a new one. He also checked the air filters and told Winnie she needed a new big one. That, too, was ordered.
Saturday morning Winnie drove to the Fort Ranch foal sale. She enjoyed a delicious lunch. The weather was wonderful, with a cool, gentle breeze all day. Many beautiful foals were auctioned off and will be available for pick up the end of August.
Sunday morning Heather Lott came to the ranch before church to bring Clynn his Father’s Day present. (It was ordered in time but didn’t come in.) It was two    beautiful T-shirts with grandsons Colton and Caden Lott’a business logo printed on the front and back. She also got Winnie a matching white shirt marked the same.


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