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Promontory Pointers 7-2-14


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen attended a rendezvous sponsored by the Pacific Primitive Mountainman Association. They were camped in a beautiful but remote area of northeastern California comfortably nestled in the Sierra Mountains.
As is their custom the Poulsens spent time with some old friends and met some new people to call friends. During their associations the couple found time to sell some of their homemade items and catch up on their sleep.


To quote Orson: “The one unfortunate part of our camp was that, due to the drought situation in California, no campfires were allowed. It is hard to achieve the same ambiance sitting around a flashlight!” The Poulsens were gone for 10 days.
Several weeks ago while the Wheatley family was gone from home a door got left open. When they arrived home they found all their cats inside having a party with their house cat. Now it appears that Miss Kitty can be called Mrs. Kitty. Laura and Zane will keep her inside in order to tame all the new little kittens.

Jim and Starr Mitchell traveled to the home of friends for dinner. After dinner the four friends played darts. “I didn’t think I was very good at darts,” Starr says. “But I didn’t do quite so badly after all.”
On Saturday Jim and Starr tended granddaughter Gabrielle overnight. During the day, she and Starr got attacked by many mosquitoes. Winnie recommended her favorite anti-itch cream then cautioned Starr to watch for signs of tularemia.
Grandpa and Grandma Mitchell returned Gabby to her parents at church on Sunday.
The Mitchells are enjoying their peas and watching their garden grow. Starr has added some flowers and done some more weeding.
Winnie Richman tried to plow Tuesday. She only worked an hour and a half before the tractor broke down.
On Wednesday Winnie and Carolyn Carter went to art to work on their canvasses.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday Winnie was mostly home. Sunday was a relaxing day of choir practice, Sacrament, and library at church, then chores, dinner and TV at home.


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