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Promontory Pointers 6-18-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Marjory Mills, the advertising chairwoman for the family-oriented Corinne Pageant, called Winnie Richman to say, “Hi!” She mentioned the pageant – called “Corinne, the Gentile City,” would be produced on June 27-28, at dusk, approximately a little after 9 p.m. The play is free to the public. The event will be held at the Corinne Park.
Orson Poulsen’s 13-year-old nephew, Dallas Homer, visited Orson and Jeannette Friday through Tuesday last week. He was a very good helper and learner for Orson to work with. His visit was an enjoyable one for the Poulsens.
The Poulsen cat had a litter of kittens this spring. Since the small animals were born in the wild, they were very shy. Orson thought he could catch them in a live trap and gentle them. However, when he went to check the trap he found a very large, very angry raccoon instead. Orson comments that raccoons are very hard on chickens. Before the Poulsens went on their mission, a raccoon got into their chicken yard and killed all 22 of the Poulsen’s chickens. Orson and Jeannette have purchased a number of baby chickens since they got home.
Boyd Udy supplied cattle for the Utah High School Rodeo finals up in Heber last week for three days. On Friday night the Udys watched the whole rodeo. During that time Boyd and good friend Jan Rinderknecht celebrated their birthdays together. Her son won the calf roping title for the state and Shane Howiland’s daughter, Patty, placed second in the team roping.
Boyd reports being nearly done on ATK’s firebreaks. “The spring rains really brought growth to all the weeds,” he says.
Jim and Starr Mitchell have acquired a lovely little male Brittany Spaniel puppy to be a companion and eventual husband to their dog Rosie. His name is “Toby,” short for Tobias. He is full of energy and already house broken.
Starr reports that Gabby is teaching everyone around her to read: “What does this say? What letter is that?” She also loves to go swimming. Starr also reports that she and Jim are eating and preserving peas from their garden.
The rest of their plants are doing great, but they had to buy more green pepper plants due to a bunch of mice eating the first ones.
Cleo and Gary Petit enjoyed eating breakfast with their friends last week. They received a tomato plant in a container, which already has the beginnings of a big boy tomato on it.
Laura Wheatley and her three girls made a trip to Ogden. Laura says Ruby slept all the way and Everly and Georgia behaved very well the whole time.
A Relief Society main dishes recipe booklet was given to interested members of Relief Society last week. Winnie Richman tried the chicken macaroni bake recipe turned in by Keli Peterson. Clynn and Winnie both say it was delicious.
On Wednesday Winnie found out she wouldn’t be having back surgery. However, shots will be given in her back to see if they can bring relief. She hopes so!
On Thursday Winnie met the new service missionaries from the Promontory Ranch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Winnie will be Sister Carol Waddups’ visiting teacher while the couple is at the ranch. Also on Thursday, Winnie purchased four cases of raspberries to make into the Richmans’ year’s supply of jam.
She did these on Friday in eight batches, yielding 32 containers of various sizes. “We also had a large bowl of ‘froth’ leftover from skimming the boiling jam before putting it into jars,” Winnie says. “We will eat this first so it won’t spoil.” Winnie reports the flavor is just as good as the preserved jam.
On Saturday the third leg of the Triple Crown races was run. Clynn and Winnie and millions of other viewers hoped for the first Triple Crown Champion in 36 years. It was not to be. The winner of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes placed a hard fought-for fourth. Maybe next year.
The Thatcher-Penrose Second Ward choir practices two songs under the direction of leader Carol Larsen and accompanist Debbie Hudman. One of the songs will be sung for Ward Conference.


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