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Sheriff addresses “suspicious man” reports

On June 10, just before 4 p.m., around 8600 N. Hwy 38, in Deweyville, a citizen reported a male, wearing camo pants, dark green shirt, orange ball cap and a blue bandana covering his face from his nose down, walking across lawns and driveways.
The citizen felt the man was acting strangely and wanted a deputy to check on him.
A deputy responded and located the male, who at that time, was not wearing the bandana around his face but around his neck. The person ran at the sight of the deputy, however, the deputy was able to get close enough to see the male appeared to be in his late teens, was visibly upset about something and wouldn’t stop to speak with the deputy. The male ran onto the mountain and multiple officers searched the area but he was not located.
On June 11, at 6:15 pm, around 2505 W Hwy 30, in Beaver Dam, a landowner reported a male wearing a long black coat, hoodie, red baseball cap and camo pants, walking in his field. The landowner went to speak with the male but the male ran into a ravine. Multiple agencies searched the area but the male was not found.
These two incidents have led to some rumors that just aren’t founded, including one that this man is an escaped convict. For the record, we don’t know who this person is. We don’t have any escaped prisoners in Box Elder County right now. This man’s behavior is suspicious and it is possible that he has committed misdemeanor crimes like trespassing, and the Sheriff’s Department would like to interview him to get his side of the story. There are no reports to date that this suspect is a danger to anyone or has committed thefts or burglaries.

This is a good time to remind everyone of some basic safety precautions around your home, such as locking all doors and windows, and not leaving cars unlocked with valuables or keys in them. Look out for your neighbors and please call in any suspicious vehicles or persons for law enforcement to investigate.

Sheriff J. Lynn Yeates


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