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Promontory Pointers 6-4-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen attended the Cache Valley Mountain Man Rendezvous up Left Hand Fork Canyon (East of Hyrum) near the Hardware Ranch over the Memorial Day weekend. The couple had to get reacquainted with all their camping gear after two years away. They also had quite a bit of trade goods available for sale and these did well. Orson feels their time was made even better by meeting new people and getting caught up again with old friends.
“We had a great time,” he says. Their garden is doing well.
Laura Wheatley is feeling very well. Little Ruby likes to eat at night so Laura is a little tired. Everly and Georgia are being very attentive to Ruby’s needs and helping Mommy all she will let them.
The Wheatley’s steers are out on pasture for a while doing well and feeling frisky. There are two cats that stick around all the time, and one that comes and goes, Laura notices. The Wheatleys are hoping to get their garden in this weekend.
Boyd Udy and family visited graves for Memorial Day and also had a family outing. Many of the family came and participated during the day.
“We had a good day,” Boyd says. Other than that, he is still working on firebreaks with other crew members. They will be working on the higher ones shortly.
Winnie Richman would like to say “hi” to Kevin and Gina Whitaker who read this column regularly.
“I appreciate people telling me they read the newspaper,” Winnie says.
On Wednesday Winnie had a doctor’s appointment. She is fine. The doctor will call if she needs to see him again.
On Friday Winnie traveled to cemeteries from Lewiston to Brigham City to distribute flowers to family members and friends. The day was not at all hot so she had a good time.
The spring rains made all the cemeteries very beautiful, especially the ones without sprinkling systems.
The sextons at each one worked diligently with lawn mowers and hand clippers to add to the attractiveness of the sites. However, by the time Winnie reached Brigham City. she knew she was just too tired to go on to Willard and Ogden.
By Sunday. Winnie was already planning choir practice, early library and church when she became aware of one of her fat steers that seemed to be very bloated.
Winnie called son Lyle who came right out. By that time most of the bloated look had disappeared on the animal and Winnie and Lyle observed that it was just as frisky as the others.
“Whew!” Winnie said. “With just two more days till we ship them to market, we don’t need to have bloating problems.”
Church, home, chores and watering had Winnie singing, “Just four more meals and they’ll be gone!”


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