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To the Rescue

Dillon and Kayllee SorensenAgricultural related accidents are, unfortunately, too common in any farming community. Every year unnecessary injuries and deaths involving farming equipment occur. According to farmsafetyforjustkids.org, each day 38 children are injured and every three days, one child dies from agricultural incidences. The Sorensen family of East Garland knows all too well about just how quick such an accident can occur.

In mid-April, eight-year-old Dillon Sorensen and his six-year-old sister, Kayllee, were at their grandmother’s house playing on swings attached to a horse exerciser. Annette Sorensen was watching her grandchildren close by but left to go into the house for a moment. That’s when Kayllee jumped off her swing and bent over to explore some rocks near the base of the walker. Her long hair became entwined in the machine’s operating gearbox and motor unit, quickly pulling her toward the motor. Within seconds, her right arm and then her shoulder were jerked into the machinery, as well.

Dillon knew immediately what had to be done.

Find out what Dillon did to save his sister.  It’s in this week’s Leader.



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