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Promontory Pointers 5-28-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

On Monday, May 19, the Promontory community added a brand new member to its ranks. She is 5-pound, 10-ounce Ruby Alta Wheatley. Mom, Laura Wheatley, is doing well. “I had a wonderful sleep after,” Laura says. “The best I’ve had in several weeks.” Everly and Georgia, Ruby’s two older sisters, are reportedly very excited.
The Wheatley girls, including Laura, spent most of last week getting everything ready for the new baby. “We washed, dried and folded all the baby clothes,” Laura says. “Georgia especially liked the folding part.” Congratulations to Laura, Zane and girls.
Orson Poulsen must be commended for his giving the Thatcher-Penrose Community Garden a wonderful sign marking the spot. The sign will also contain special small markers announcing which vegetables are ready for harvesting and a picture of those items.
Over the weekend, Orson and Jeannette drove to Kamas to visit friends from their Nauvoo mission. While there Orson and his friend rode horseback into the lower Uintah Mountains. “It was so green, cool and beautiful,” Orson says. While the men were gone Jeannette and her friend discussed quilting: how they did things, the fabrics used and various patterns. Jeannette left some of her fabric samples with her. “We had a thoroughly enjoyable time,” Jeannette says.
Boyd Udy is working with other ATK employees making firebreaks to stop fires over at the main area. “There are almost 90 miles of these firebreaks to maintain,” he says. Boyd reports progress on his three-year-old horse is coming slow due to time constrains.
Clynn Richman expresses his great thanks to Jim and Starr Mitchell for their help in repairing and loading a yearling colt to go to Jess Petersen’s home. Jim formed a very workable plan to keep the young horse from getting away during the loading. Also helping were Josh Petersen and Preston Schultz. Jess Petersen drove the truck and trailer to transport the horse home.
Winnie Richman was grateful to visit with her visiting teachers, Jeannette Poulsen and Keli Peterson, on Monday morning.
Tuesday Winnie took the truck to town for a last load of grain for the family’s fat steers. “I really love feeding these animals and watching them grow,” she says. “But after almost six months of feeding and watching, I will be really ready to bid them farewell!”
Tuesday evening Winnie welcomed son Lyle to the ranch to unload the grain, eat part of a pot roast dinner and just enjoy chatting and sharing ideas.
Wednesday Winnie and friend Carolyn Carter went to art. Both ladies are nearing the end of their current projects.
Sunday son Lyle came out to round up a cow and a new calf for Clynn that were left last week.
Jim and Starr Mitchell were able to tend granddaughter, Gabby.  “I have so much fun with her,” Starr says. Their garden continues to grow.  They transplanted tomatoes from their greenhouse and are putting pumpkin seed in the ground, some for bottling and some big ones for jack-o-lanterns.  Spinach is already coming up, but so are the weeds.  Starr says her wrists hurt from pulling them.


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