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Promontory Pointers 5-21-14

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Boyd Udy says he’s just dong the same old stuff: firebreaks, yard work and fencing. He is starting a three year old son of his great horse, Crocker. “I started him as a two year old, but he was a little small. I turned him out to grow some during the summer and through the winter. Now I am starting all over again to see what he remembers and not leave anything important to chance. I am pleased so far.

Boyd and his family went to their mother’s grave as a special remembrance on Mother’s Day.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen went their separate ways over the weekend. Jeannette’s aunt passed away so she went down to St. George for the funeral. She reports seeing all the family and having a good visit. “It seems funerals are the only time these days that we all get together as a family,” Jeannette says.

While Jeannette was in St. George Orson took his mother Joycle to a renaissance fair. His granddaughter, Arianna, was one of the participants in the dancing. Orson and Joycle enjoyed the activities and dinner together. “It was well attended and in Plain City,” Orson says.

Jeannette reports she and Orson are really loving their new mission at the Bishop’s Storehouse.

Mother’s Day for the Wheatley family was busy. The four people of Zane’s family had lunch with the Hendricks family, then went to church. After church Zane, Laura, Everly and Georgia drove to the senior Wheatley’s home for more visiting. “The day worked out just fine,” Laura says. Georgia made her own Mother’s Day card for Laura. “It was cute,” Laura says.

Cleo and Gary Petit report having some of their children come out with their families on Mother’s Day just to visit. “I was very nice,” Cloe says. She also adds, “Just keeping going and staying healthy is the main thing.”

Monday was a hectic day for Winnie Richman. She called Bear River Animal Hospital for an appointment for the Richman’s bull. He was lame on his right front hoof. Winnie called El O’Driscoll to help her load old #14 in the trailer and headed to town. The bull needed some very minor surgery on his heel. Dr. Asay wrapped the hoof in a bandage that would work loose in a few days and instructed Winnie to turn him out on dry, hard ground. “That bull was really glad to get out of that trailer,” Winnie says. She drove down to the house for a drink of water and a rest. The water was good, but the rest non-existent.

Winnie received a phone call from a neighbor saying Clynn had two old cows at his place while he was branding calves. Neither cow was going to calve this year. Winnie was told to load’em up and take them to the Willard Anderson’s Livestock Auction that evening. She did chores and took the cows to be sold the next day.

Tuesday Winnie drove to Willard to sell the cows. They brought far more than she had hoped for. Two cows with calves at their sides sold for $1800 a pair!

Wednesday was art for Winnie and Carolyn Carter. Both ladies almost finished their canvasses.

Saturday Winnie drove to Carolyn Carter’s for cake and ice cream to celebrate Zach’s 13th birthday and Marriah’s 15th birthday.

Sunday was a good Mother’s Day. Winnie received cards and a gift from her children before they went to winter pasture to round up the cows and calves to bring them up to the summer pasture. Winnie wore the beautiful floral corsage from Clynn to church, and got home to count cows as they began to fan out to graze.


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