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Promontory Pointers 5-14-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Jeannette Poulsen and three friends from her quilting club got together last week to go quilt shop hopping. They visited approximately 13 different stores. Along the way they played games at some of the shops, which led to the winning of small prizes. Jeanette was able to acquire several items for her quilting projects.
Orson Poulsen reports his mother’s very successful annual spring party for family members last Saturday at the ranch at Promontory. Many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren attended. Orson says 50 to 60 people were there. A huge dinner was served. “It was just a real party,” Orson says. “It was neat to become reacquainted with family members after a year.”
Laura Wheatley and daughters spent the week at home last week. She, Everly and Georgia had fun feeding a few pieces of old bread to the chickens. The girls laughed at how eager the chickens were to snatch the broken pieces. During the rainy periods, they found things to do inside the house. Laura says her sewing machine is on the fritz. She will take it, along with its warranty, to a repair shop.
Boyd Udy says his family’s cutter horses are thoroughly enjoying being turned out to relax after their winter’s racing exertions. He says things at the ranch are ‘almost’ boring. All the cows are at summer pasture with their calves, the fencing is caught up and the fire breaks just need touching up.
Jim and Starr Mitchell had granddaughter Gabrielle for another overnight. Rosie the dog is very protective of her. Gabby, in her twos, loves taking care of Rosie. Jim and Starr will take Gabby to the Smithfield Livestock Auction to see all the animals and maybe purchase a couple of calves to be raised for meat.
Gary and Cleo Petit enjoyed going out to breakfast with their friends last week.
Winnie Richman thanks Gary and Cleo Petit for coming to check on Clynn while Winnie was gone. Winnie tried to call Clynn on his cell phone several times but it was malfunctioning. Winnie called the Petits. They came and found all was well.
The biggest thing for Clynn and Winnie last week was the calf branding at the winter pasture of the Double S Bar Ranch. Family and friends all helped gather, corral, separate the calves from their mothers, brand, inoculate and ear-mark the calves. Winnie was really thrilled by how big and healthy all the calves were. Winnie prepared dinner for all and a special birthday cake for Greg Lott, whose birthday was April 30.
On Sunday Winnie attended choir practice and church and came home to chores and watering.
“Only 20 more days of feeding the fat calves,” Winnie breathes with relief.


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