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Promontory Pointers 5-7-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Jim Mitchell and his best friend went wild turkey hunting down near Manti, Utah, actually nearer to Fairview. Jim got a nice, big tom turkey to put in the Mitchell freezer.
While talking to Steve Mitchell, this writer heard some distinctly child-like sounds in the background. Winnie, with her nose for news, asked, “Do I hear a little one near you?” Starr laughed and said, “Yes! Gabrielle is having a sleepover with us. We picked her up yesterday. She fought going to sleep during the hour ride out here, but lost the battle at the ATK Ranch. As soon as the car motor shut off she awoke right away and was raring to go again. Maybe she’ll want to take a nap later.”
Starr also reported Gabby can make all her animal sounds. Rosie, the dog, just loves playing with the little girl, who will be two in September. Gabby is also very eager to “pet” the baby chicks and turkeys. Several more turkey chicks have been added to the Mitchell’s farm animals.
Jim and Starr have been pulling weeds a lot since these last rainstorms. “It’s a never ending battle,” they agree. They also were able to cover up their tender young plants to protect them from freezing during the latest cold snap.
Laura Wheatley took Everly and Georgia out in their yard during the windy week to fly their kites. On Monday Laura took her daughters to the Garland Fire Department. Since she had made an appointment, the firemen were dressed in their firefighting uniforms and took the girls on a tour. They also let them sit on the fire truck. While there on the truck, the girls were given some useful fire safety tips. Don’t play with matches was one such tip.
In addition to traveling, the Wheatley’s got their garden tilled up with their roto-tiller. They are anxious to plant seeds soon.
Boyd Udy helped at the Utah Reined Cowhorse Show in Tremonton on Saturday. He was joined by Tyrel and Erin, who have moved back to Utah.
Orson Poulsen has expanded his garden spot behind his home to 40 feet by 40 feet now. He has added carrots, beans and squash to his peas and potatoes. “I may even add more,” he says. “I will add tomatoes when all danger of freezing and frost are gone.”
In preparation for spring branding and doctoring of calves, Winnie Richman visited Bear River Animal Hospital to buy some nose tongs and order vaccinating serums.
By Wednesday Winnie wasn’t feeling at all chipper. She called daughter Heather Lott to go pick up a prescription for her in Brigham City and do chores that evening. Heather took one look at Winnie and said, “Mom, you need to see a doctor!” Winnie waited a week hoping the pills would do the trick. They didn’t so Winnie went to the doctor.
Winnie also missed Stake Conference at the West Stake in Tremonton both Saturday and Sunday. Son Lyle came out Friday and son Aaron came Sunday for night chores.


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