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BR Track-Pics

Bear River participated in the rescheduled Cache-Box Invitational last week as well as the Morgan Pocket Change Meet. Here are photos and match results.

Photos courtesy of Shelley Wilcox

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Cache-Box Results

Bear River girls’ 3rd place – 98

1st – Terrell Fridal, Shot Put 37-10; Fridal, Discus 113-03

2nd – AriannaTowne, 400m 1:01.50; Candice Buttars, Long Jump 17-03.50

3rd – Whitney Wilcox, 100m 13.09; Wilcox, 200m 27.16; Rylee Perry, 100m Hurdles 17.47

Point Scorers – 100m Buttars 13.35, Tara Christensen 13.46; 200m Buttars 27.39, Towne 27.50, Christensen 27.60; 400m Sariah Rees 1:05.83; 800m Rachel Hughes 2:39.90, Vanessa Murphy 2:41.91; 300m hurdles Perry 17.47

Top 25 – 100m Sadie Croney, Aubree Judkins; 200m Misty Fonnesbeck, Perry; 1600m Rylee Olsen; 3200 Hughes; 100m hurdles Sarah Nielsen, Kourtney Curtis; 300m hurdles Curtis, Nielsen; javelin Rees; high jump Towne; long jump Perry, Croney

Bear River boys’ 5th place – 29

4th – Brett Smart, 110m Hurdles 16.49; Smart, 300m Hurdles 43.71

Point Scorers – 200m Kendall MacSparran 24.69; 400m Jackson Wall 54.88; 800m Luke Summers 2:17.79; 3200m Summers 10:36.29

Top 25 – 100m Jacob Eggli, Ryker Marble; 200m Marble, J Eggli; 400m Bryce Lawson; 800m Elijah Woodall, Hyrum Eggli, Brandon Pace; 1600m Ethan Hurst, H Eggli; 3200m Hurst, Woodall; high jump Smart, Jensen; long jump Daniel Croney, Rilee Summers

Morgan Invite

Bear River girls’ 7th – 51

2nd – Buttars, Long Jump 16-01

3rd – Towne, 800m 2:26.77

Point Scorers – 100m Wilcox 13.14; 200m Buttars 27.16, Wilcox 27.42; 400m Wilcox 1:01.16; 3200m Hughes 12:33.91; 300m hurdles Perry 49.88

Top 25 – 100m Buttars; 200m Christensen, Towne, Fonnesbeck; 400m Rees; 1600m Olsen, Bailey Noyes, Erica Peart; 3200m Cassidy Tueller, Jensen Hughes, Mariah Pace; 100m hurdles Perry, Bailey Christensen; 300m hurdles Curtis; long jump Perry, Croney, Cierra Stokes; high jump Stokes; javelin Rees; discus Chelsea Cutler

Bear River boys’ 8th – 36

2nd – Branson Fonnesbeck, Shot Put 48-07.50

3rd – Smart, 300m Hurdles 42.91

Point Scorers – 1600m Summers 4:44.24; 110 hurdles Smart 16.09; shot put Carson Gibbs 43-00.75; discus Fonnesbeck 124-05

Top 25 – 100m J Eggli; 200m MacSparran, Marble; 400m Lawson, MacSparran, Dakota Roberts; 800m Summers, Woodall; 1600m Hurst; 3200m Woodall; high jump Smart, Jensen


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