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Promontory Pointers 4-16-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

On Thursday, prior to conference, one of Orson’s dear friends came to the Poulsen’s home from Canada. He was on his way to the spring conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While they visited, Orson and Jeannette took him to Maddox for dinner.
Last week the Poulsen’s attended a Nauvoo Mission missionary reunion in Bountiful. While there they were thrilled to meet several people they had served with in Nauvoo.
Orson says nothing is coming up yet in their garden. “It will come when the weather warms up,” he says. He did mention the seven or eight lilac bushes were showing real promise in his front yard.
Jeannette says there are babies for the chickens, turkeys and cats. “I really love the babies,” she says. She also says the couple is attending the Bishop’s Store House regularly. They are enjoying their time there.
Laura Wheatley’s sister, Joann, and her three children came to Promontory for a visit. While here Laura took her visitors to parts of Promontory they hadn’t visited before. All were surprised to be seeing a cow so close to the roadway fence preparing to give birth to her calf. Since the cow became nervous at the people watching her, the carload of people moved on. On the way back past the cow, a new little calf was seen lying curled up next to its mother, who was also lying down. Joann and her children stayed at the Wheatley home through dinner that evening.
Boyd Udy is enjoying the spring work around the ranch. His calving is down to the last 30 head of cows.
Cleo Petit reports the Petit grass has already needed mowing once this year. The Petit’s are cleaning up their large yard in preparation for their yearly family Easter egg hunt. In addition to hunting eggs there will be an age-related croquet contest and plenty to eat. Cleo says there will be no garden this year. “We can buy it with far less work, what little we’ll need,” she says.
Winnie Richman was home Monday and Tuesday. However, on Tuesday Winnie drove while El O’Driscoll fed the hay to the Richmans’ cows at winter pasture. Some bad news is the cows are now beginning to “chase grass” instead of eating their more nutritious hay. The new spring grass is much sweeter than last year’s dry baled hay. Only half the herd came to the sound of the truck horn honking. The calves all look healthy and lively. “Thank you, El,” Clynn says.
On Thursday and Friday Winnie had more doctor appointments. “Thank you, Dr. Keller and staff, at the Brigham Medical Clinic. And thank you to the staff at the Brigham Hospital MRI unit,” Winnie says. She is still healthy according to the test results. Since Winnie can’t take the disorienting noise or close quarters of the MRI machine she needed some “calmer downers.” These necessitated someone to take her home. Winnie says, “Thank you, Carolyn (Carter) and daughter-in-law April for taking me home.”
Saturday and Sunday were spent in front of the TV watching the 184th General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “We really enjoyed it,” Clynn says. Both Richmans say thanks to Greg and Heather Lott for coming to feed the cows at winter pasture.


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