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Shopping with Torey | the Leader

Shopping with Torey

Sunday, March 30, 2014
By theleader

1 2She tapped into a much needed market in Tremonton and found that not only did her business succeed, she also made some new friends along the way and earned a working knowledge of fashion marketing and did all this before the age of 21.

Torey Peters is the owner of Torey’s Trends, a trendy clothing boutique nestled on Tremonton’s Main Street. Inside the quaint shop Peters sells everything from jewelry, designer jeans, tops, shoes and even some men and children’s clothing. Her ability to display her merchandise while keeping things rotated has an appeal to it and keeps the customers coming back.

Peters started her business almost a year ago, on April 29, 2013 to be exact. She paid for everything using cash, she took out no loans and didn’t borrow any money from anyone. She started selling clothes online, mostly through Tremonton Classifieds on Facebook but when her father told her he didn’t like so many people coming to the house, she decided she needed to take it one step further.

“Tremonton really needed some kind of clothing store,” she said.

She looked for the perfect location, deciding to start small with the option to go bigger later, and settled on her current location next door to Greer’s on Main Street. Along with the help of her grandfather, she painted her store, then ordered her first shipments of merchandise, set up her displays and opened Torey’s Trends.

“On the first day I thought nobody would come but within 10 minutes there were 30 people lined up outside,” she said about her first day in business. “It was really cool.”

Find out more about this new business and its owner in this week’s edition of the Leader.


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