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Promontory Pointers 3-12-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Jim and Starr Mitchell talked to Ron Porter on Tuesday. He had taken public transportation to Salt Lake City on Saturday to pay some bills. He decided he was close enough to his destination to walk.
While he was walking, he was set upon by some young thugs who brandished a gun. He fled. Fast.
While he was being chased he turned to look over his shoulder and tripped on an obstacle, falling and hitting his head.             The next thing he remembers he was in the VA Hospital.
He was pronounced well, but was released to the Pioneer Care and Rehab Center in Brigham City. They will keep him for a month just to watch him and make sure he is ok.
Starr reports the broccoli seeds she had started in the greenhouse have sprouted. When the weather gets reliably warm the sprouts will be transplanted into the Mitchell’s garden. “We eat a lot of broccoli,” Starr says.
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen report a week of travels. Sunday through Wednesday Orson and Eli Anderson went to Livingston, Mont., to learn how to make antique wooden wheels and their parts. After arriving home on Wednesday and resting for couple of days. Orson and Jeannette then drove to St. George to visit with family. They enjoyed a good visit and then headed to Flagstaff, Ariz., a journey of about five hours.
While in Flagstaff the couple visited with Jeannette’s stepmother Wilma Williams. They also saw some of Flagstaff’s points of interest.
The Poulsens headed back to St. George, spent the night, then came home Monday. “We’re glad to be home,” they say.
Laura and Zane Wheatley had a very nice date Friday night.
On Saturday Laura, Everly and Georgia attended a baptism of some children from our ward, Thatcher-Penrose Second Ward. The two young girls have been enjoying playing in rain puddles near their home. Laura also reports the Wheatley chickens have begun laying eggs again. Since the birds are not in a coop the eggs need to be hunted. Fortunately the chickens are staying in a flock and are easily found. Currently they are nesting in the warm dry barn. Laura says, “I hope they stay there!”
Boyd and Kris Udy are looking forward to a visit from Tyrell and Aran Udy soon. Boyd explains that the same as human athletes need to keep in shape by exercising, so do horses need exercise to keep in shape.
Right now the three Udy teams of cutter racing horses are being exercised to keep in shape for the World Finals Cutter Horse Championships the last two weekends of March. Good luck, Udys!
Boyd says the ranch is receiving lots of new calves. “All this wonderful rain isn’t doing the calves any harm, either,” he says.
On Wednesday Winnie Richman and friend Carolyn Carter drove to their art class. Winnie finished her portrait of a robin.
It will dry for a week then be sprayed with a protective coat.
Carolyn’s picture of an antique car and home is coming along well. She added many tiny details but feels it will be quite some time before it’s finished.
Clynn Richman gives grateful thanks to El O’Driscoll for helping Winnie with the cows’ feed. Winnie drives while El feeds the hay to the Richman’s cows. There are a few new calves to be seen now. “I love new calves,” Winnie says. “They are so lively and cute.”
On Friday Winnie drove to Logan for a new doctor’s appointment. She is well and only needs a few more tests to be sure.
Greg and Heather Lott came out to the Double S Bar to feed the cows on Sunday.
They always provide information that is invaluable to knowing how the animals are doing. “Thank you, Greg and Heather,” Clynn says.


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