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I’m Not Cinderella

cover to cover

During my school years I was too busy to read books. I did the occasional book report here and there but to just sit down and read was not in my schedule. But, now that I’m … more mature? … I find that I actually enjoy reading a good book. I know, it’s crazy, right?

Luckily I have found some pretty good books that seem to help with my “Calgon, take me away” crazy, busy life. One of those books is by local author Tarrah Montgomery called “I’m Not Cinderella.” (The Princess Chronicles)

Montgomery is the daughter of local residents, Steve and Susan Chadaz, and I can tell you that they have brought up an amazing storyteller and writer. This book may be geared towards middle and high school age kids, but I believe everyone would enjoy reading it.

The story begins with a girl, Brinlee, who gets to spend the summers with her grandma in Idaho while her not-so-attentive mom goes around the country trying to find employment. Brinlee is obsessed with Cinderella and spends her days comparing her real life to her own storybook expectations – which unfortunately never seem to turn out quite how we expect.

What happens next in the book is nothing short of magical.

Read the rest of this review in this week’s Leader.


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