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Gas explosion burns home | the Leader

Gas explosion burns home

Monday, March 10, 2014
By theleader

A buildup of gas in a Portage home caused an explosion Monday afternoon, engulfing the house in flames.  Numerous fire departments, including Portage, Plymouth, Fielding and Garland were called to assist.  Watch this week’s edition of the Leader for more information.fire 2 Portage home 1


10 Responses to “Gas explosion burns home”

  1. Amy Peedle

    Many memories in this home as it was my families home for around 20 years. My niece and nephew where born in this home.. :(

  2. marrisa barrientez

    My husband lived in this home as a teen ager. Please do not lie just to get sympathy.

  3. marrisa barrientez

    And he is only 26 and lived there when he was 17 and has no relation to you.

  4. Amy Peedle

    marissa barrientez. Please know your facts before calling someone a lair.. My family bought this house in the late seventy’s and sold it in the late ninety’s.. We build the shed on the east side of the house, we built the corals and chick coop, we built the tree-house and we put every piece of the log siding as a family and by hand and stained each log blue because that is the color my mother wanted it.. We also built the rock fire hearth for the wood burning stove. It was a 3 bedroom home with an attic up a latter in the back room closet and a cellar down some steps on the east side of the home. My family raised 8 kids there then my brother had it for a while and raised his family there. He left and my parents moved back in many more years.. Once again don’t call someone a lair until you know what you are talking about. I am very said about the loss of this house even though we have not lived there for years. I don’t need yours or anyone else’s sympathy. Did you think your husbands family built this house? It in fact was the old school house in portage many years before we bought it and fixed it up and had been vacant for a long time with weeds taller then me and I am 5’4.. I remember cutting the weeds down as a family.

  5. Amy Peedle

    and it is a fact that my niece and nephew was born in this house.. I was there so I should know.

  6. Mark Albertson

    Sorry Marissa- you may have it confused with the house across the street. My father-n-law was living in it and has lived there for at least the last 10 years that I know of, probably longer. The house literally burned to the ground, he lost everything except the clothes on his back. No phone, no ID, nothing but a T shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of Tennis shoes. Amy’s description of the house was right on.

  7. Amy Peedle

    Mark Albertson I am so sorry about your father in law and his loss.. :( I don’t know him but I still know many people in Portage, please let me know if I can help in anyway.. It truly hurts my heart to see this I can’t imagine how hard it is on him and to lose everything.. :(

  8. Brittany

    Mark Albertson I am also sorry about ur father in laws loss, it is very sad for our family as my mom amy peedle said my grandparents had this house probably right before ur father in law did and it is sad to see all our family memories up in flames I always looked forward to going to portage and see that house on the corner and also it brought back all the memories as I grew up down the road and when I was little:-) the harris’ s owned the house kiddie corner on the corner the owned the shop across the street and there son owned the little house next to the shop for many years, and it really upsets me someone would call someone a liar when they are confused on there facts! I will pray for ur family mark, and I know my aunts and uncles are sad about this loss as well!

  9. Mark Albertson

    My apologies to the Barrientez family. They apparently (after talking to my father-n-law) did live there, but got foreclosed on. He bought it out of a foreclosure sale.

  10. Mark Albertson

    Does anyone remember when the propane tank was installed for the kitchen and heating?


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