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Promontory Pointers 3-5-14


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Last week Jim and Starr Mitchell drove to town to pick up Ron Porter at his new home. They brought him out to Promontory to see his old home and to eat lunch with them. Starr baked a couple of homemade pizzas and also used the last of last fall’s fresh pumpkins to make pumpkin bars. These are baked in a cake pan, aren’t too thick and have a cream cheese frosting.
Jim and Starr have started some seeds in their greenhouse. Starr comments, “We sure need lots of rain!” The couple has been out raking more leaves and enjoying the unseasonally warm temperatures.
Laura Wheatley and daughters Everly and Georgia drove to Ogden to Laura’s sister Joann’s home. The occasion was the Hendricks’ side quarterly celebration of birthdays in that quarter. An assigned pot luck meal was served. The kids played and older family members played games, too. Laura and girls stayed most of the day. Laura reports it is easier now that the kids are a little older.
Boyd Udy and his wonderful horse, Crocker, again helped the Udy family teams to the starting gates for the state final cutter racing championship on Saturday. Boyd reports one of the teams placed second in its division and the other two teams placed fourth in theirs. “They ran really well and pulled up (came to a halt) sound (no injuries),” Boyd says. He also says that Kris and all their family are doing great.
Jeannette Poulsen says that while Orson was out of town she drove to Salt Lake City with her children and their families. Jeannette gave daughter, Micki, who was up from Las Vegas, a hand-sewn homemade birthday present. The family missed the brother/son from Southern Utah who couldn’t make it. They all had a good visit.
Cleo Petit says the warm weather is nice, “but we still need lots more rain!” She says there is plenty to do at home to keep one busy. She and Gary had breakfast in town with friends during the week. All their family is well.
Once again El O’Driscoll helped Winnie Richman on Tuesday by feeding the Richman animals in the pasture next to the house and the mother cows down the road at winter pasture. Winnie drove and El fed the hay. “Thank you, El,” Clynn says gratefully.
On Wednesday Winnie went alone to art since friend Carolyn Carter had some family commitments to keep. Winnie will add the final touches to her picture of a robin next week and then sign it. She will have to let the paint dry before she can give it the final spray.
Winnie gives a grateful “thank you” to Dr. Huff for helping her case of plantar fasciitis without surgery. Winnie’s heel is 100 percent better and without pain now. These things take time to completely heal, so Winnie will have to be careful to use the heel support.
Thursday afternoon Winnie developed a severe headache and couldn’t do chores. Son Lyle came out and did chores and watering for her. Winnie was in bed except for helping Clynn through the night and doing morning chores Friday. She thanks Marie Roche for doing the visiting teaching alone on Friday. “Whatever it was,” Winnie says, “I didn’t want to give it to any of my ladies!”
On Saturday son Lyle came back to the ranch needing to do some physical work for awhile. He cleaned out several corrals with the scraper and loader then shared his large pizza with Clynn and Winnie for lunch. Then he and Winnie went down to check the cows at winter pasture for new calves. They were able to find three little calves, a good start to the calving season. The senior Richmans enjoyed talking with Lyle before he went home. Lyle also helped Winnie with night chores and watering.
On Sunday Greg and Heather Lott came and fed hay to the cows at winter pasture. They always do a very thorough job when they come. They also topped off all the water troughs in the barnyard area. “Thank you, Greg and Heather,” Winnie and Clynn say gratefully.
Sunday evening Clynn and Winnie watched the closing ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics. “It was wonderful,” Winnie says. “Even though I don’t endorse his political views, President Putin is to be commended for a wonderful Olympic winter games.”



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