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Lunch Lines

IMGP7068 Moldy fruit, day-old pizza for breakfast and expired milk?  Those were the Facebook claims of a concerned parent about her child’s breakfast at McKinley Elementary School.  That post took administrators by surprise and resulted in a firestorm of comments on both sides of the lunch table.

“This just caught me totally off guard,” Principal Steve Chadaz said of the claims. “We have never heard any complaints about breakfast or lunch.”

Superintendent Ron Wolff said, “I was surprised there had been no contact with him (principal Chadaz) on those complaints. Communication is important…if there are concerns, it is important for us to know right away so we can follow through.”

McKinley has offered free breakfast to all their students for about six years, and about 57 percent of their students also have free or reduced lunches.

The only problem Chadaz has seen with the school food during his time as principal is the waste when students don’t want to eat. “There is a lot of waste. When any student goes through (the lunch line) they have to have a fruit and a vegetable. If the kid doesn’t take one, the cooks put them on. It’s sad how much is wasted. But we do have great lunches.”

Chadaz talked to the unhappy parent, asking her to help him understand why she posted the complaints on Facebook instead of talking to him or the cooks first. She said she had talked with the cooks, who ignored her concerns.

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