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Promontory Pointers 2-26-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Jim and Starr Mitchell had a surprise Valentine’s Day date on Friday. “He just told me to make a reservation at Maddox for two,” Starr says. “I was pleasantly surprised.”
The winds lately have been breaking several branches off trees around their home which need picking up. Jim and Starr have been doing that plus some raking. The branches are hauled to places which can use them for mulch after shredding them.
Starr comments that we need a lot more snow and rain. “What we really need is a long wet spring!” She echoes the thoughts of all Promontorians.
The Mitchell’s granddaughter Gabrielle is getting some new molars and is just a little unhappy. She loves to feed her dolls and take them for rides in her doll buggy. She also takes miniature schnauzer “Charlie” for rides. He is a very patient animal.
Starr’s brother from Illinois reports the coldest winter on record along with lots of snow. Fortunately, the snow is melting very slowly with little danger of flooding, so far.
Laura Wheatley and daughters, Everly and Georgia, are doing mostly home things. Everly likes to remake Laura and Zane’s bed adding toys and stuffed animals for Mommy to find later. Georgia seems to like the clink of silverware as it comes from the dishwasher. She especially likes to reorganize the silverware drawer as she puts it away.
Zane has moved the fattening calves to another pen, making chores easier for “his girls.”
Boyd Udy attended a cow cutting in Farmington on Friday and Saturday to help move the cattle back and forth. He really enjoys this part of the show. Otherwise he is just feeding the cattle on the ranch.
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen claim to just be homebodies. Orson says all that is left of his job on his antique wheelbarrow is the steel wheels. He will wait until he has more items that need steel parts as it takes a big, very hot fire to bend the steel and that isn’t practical for small jobs.
Jeannette has been going to her quilting group and doing some exercising. Both Orson and Jeannette have really enjoyed watching the Olympics, especially the figure skating.
Clynn and Winnie Richman have really loved the Olympics broadcast from Sochi, Russia. They had never really watched snowboarding or luge before so that was a new experience. Their greatest enjoyment has come from the figure skating, both men’s and women’s.
Clynn and Winnie thank El O’Driscoll for his help on Tuesday feeding off bales of hay to the cows at winter pasture and the animals in the field by the Richman’s home.
On Wednesday Winnie went to art to work on her painting of a robin.
Greg and Heather Lott came to the Double S Bar on Sunday to feed the cows at winter pasture. While there the couple discovered a healthy newborn calf, the first of the season. When they came back to the home place, they distributed straw to three different corrals.
Also on Sunday son Aaron Richman came out to do a little work on the hay wagon.
The Thatcher/Penrose II Ward choir is practicing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah for Easter. It is coming along well, but many more choir participants are needed on a regular basis to be able to adequately express the beauty and majesty of the piece.


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