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Promontory Pointers 2-19-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

On Saturday Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove to Salt Lake City for a family get together with Jeannette’s children. They all met at a restaurant for a meal and good conversation. “It was fun,” Orson says.
On Sunday the Poulsen’s spoke at an early Sacrament meeting at the Fairview Ward of the Tremonton West Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The ward actually meets at the Stake Center so it was an easy drive for the couple.
Orson and Jeannette were asked to speak on the theme of sacrifice. “It was easy to relate sacrifice to the Nauvoo history of the many sacrifices made by the Saints who moved and lived there,” Orson says.
In other news, Orson has been driving his Halflinger horse. “She has not forgotten her training,” Orson says.
Laura Wheatley and daughters Everly and Georgia were outside after last week’s snowstorm trying to make a snowman. However, the snow didn’t hold together good enough for large balls so the team of three piled up snow in the shape of a snow dinosaur. Later in the week the three girls made a “real” snowman. Due to the unusually warm temperatures, the dino and its snowman melted.
Laura and the children went to the bookmobile again. Georgia insists on calling it the “Bookoatmeal.”
Everly watched Laura putting on her makeup and proceeded to try to imitate her. “She did pretty good,” Laura says.
The Wheatleys have been watching the Olympics. Laura says she really enjoyed the figure skating on Sunday.
Boyd Udy reports going roping for fun at the Box Elder County Fairgrounds on Saturday. He is using a horse blanket on Crocker to help keep the horse shiny and warm. Otherwise Boyd is just pushing snow “when we have it.” He has also been watching the Olympic figure skating when he has time. “I like ice skating,” he says.
Last week Winnie Richman remained on the ranch for three days. “It was relaxing to be at home just doing chores or feeding the cows and horses,” Winnie says.
On Tuesday Winnie and El O’Driscoll fed the mother cows at winter pasture. Winnie drove while El fed off some hay and straw.
Due to bad weather (rain and snow is actually good weather to the Richman’s), Winnie and Carolyn Carter were unable to attend art class in Clearfield. Clynn and Winnie enjoyed a nice, laid-back day with only chores and watering.
Thursday Winnie drove to Logan for a doctor’s appointment about a very sore heel. It went well with no surgery planned yet.
Friday, while Winnie was in town, Clynn called her on her cell phone and told her to buy two take-home meals for a late anniversary dinner at home. Yes, dear!
Saturday Winnie took a bale to the animals in the field. They had begun coming into the yard area to beg for handouts, so Winnie knew they were out of feed.
On Sunday Greg, Heather, Colton and Caden Lott came to the Double S Bar to feed the cows. Very often Aaron and Heather have also fed in the field for Winnie and entertained Clynn while Winnie is at church.
Also on Sunday son, Aaron, came early and began to put a new floor on the wagon. He did enough for Greg and Heather and boys to use the wagon for feeding. He will finish the job on his next day off. He often brings April to help or sometimes just for company.


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