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Promontory Pointers 2-12-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Boyd Udy reports his family’s cutter racing teams have placed first, second and third in the Bear River Association.
“I am proud of my family’s efforts and their ability to compete but help each other at the same time,” he says. Boyd and his great horse Crocker do their parts, as well, leading the teams to the gates each week.
Boyd’s son, Bodee, blessed his new son on Sunday. “There is nothing prouder in a father’s eye than to see his son bless his own son,” Boyd says of the event. In other news, Boyd reports “just feedin’ what needs feedin’, and fixin’ what needs fixin’.”
Laura Wheatley and girls, Everly and Georgia, are back to pre-school at home since the Christmas break. Everly is learning her lowercase letters and Georgia has traced all her letters in one sitting for the first time. Both girls have colds and runny noses, so they have learned the proper way to use hankies to blow their noses.
On Tuesday Orson and Jeannette Poulsen had a short missionary reunion at the Logan LDS Temple. Their mission president, President Gilliland, was headed home from Nauvoo and was making a sweeping circle from there to get to see as many of his missionaries as possible on the way. They all had a real good visit during their time together.
Jim and Starr Mitchell stopped by to see Ron Porter during the week. He is doing well and seems happy.
The Mitchell’s went to a friend’s home on Super Bowl Sunday. The men watched the Super Bowl and the ladies watched a black and white movie of old vintage, and with famous movie stars, called “Gaslight.”
Starr reports Gabby is getting “gabbier” and is using several words together in sentences now.
Cleo and Gary Petit had breakfast last week with friends. They watched the Super Bowl together “We’re just trying to keep on top of things,” Cleo says, “and stay warm. We are real grateful for all the new moisture.”
Wednesday at art, Winnie Richman redesigned some of her work on some water. The water now looks translucent and shiny. Hopefully, weather permitting, she will be able to add bulrushes to the water next week. Friend Carolyn Carter is adding many more details to her picture in the hopes of finishing it soon.
On Thursday Winnie and El O’Driscoll fed the cows at their winter pasture. Winnie drove the truck and trailer and El dropped off hay and straw as the trailer moved forward. The cows looked slick and eagerly ate the meal offered to them. “I hope it will warm up in time for calving,” Winnie says.
Friday Winnie went to town for grain and cat food. Son Lyle and friend Tony Gonzales unloaded it for Winnie that evening.
Saturday Aaron and April came out to help Winnie with several chores and helped with watering. They stayed for awhile for good conversation.
Sunday was: 1, Groundhog Day (he saw his shadow); 2, Clynn and Winnie’s 46th wedding anniversary; 3, church with choir practice and library; 4, Greg and Heather fed the cows at winter pasture; and 5, Winnie did chores but saved the watering until the next day, which gave Winnie a chance not to miss the beginning of the Super Bowl. Both she and Clynn were hoping the Seahawks would win since they had never won before. They did and in the process became the team in third place in biggest lead over their opponents. For dinner the couple had hot dogs and salad, watched the evening news and retired early.


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