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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen report having an exciting week. They first made an unplanned trip to St. George and attended a reunion of missionaries there who had served in the Nauvoo mission. On Wednesday on their way home Orson and Jeannette stopped at Cove Fort to sight-see and Kolob Canyon in Zion National Park.
After a brief few days rest, our fast moving friends drove to Salt Lake City to the South Towne Expo Center to see the Auto Expo.
They had fun looking at all the newest makes of cars. Orson expressed a decided preference for the Cadillac Escalade. However, “all the makes and models had every bell and whistle one could possibly imagine or need in a car,” Orson says.
Laura, Everly and Georgia Wheatley drove to the bookmobile last week. While there they checked out enough books to last for three weeks. Some will be read more than once, Laura is sure.
Both Everly and Georgia had fun in the snow before it got cold again. They filled buckets with snow, tipped them over to make “snow castles,” then had a blast jumping on their castles to flatten them out. Laura thinks her daughters actually liked jumping on the mounds of snow better than building the castle shapes.
Jim and Starr Mitchell spent most of last week getting things around for neighbor and dear friend Ron Porter so he would have a home when he was released from the hospital.
All went well, but it was a hectic undertaking. Jim and Starr went to Salt Lake City to bring Ron back to Brigham City to his new abode. We wish Ron well.
Cleo and Gary Petit joined friends for breakfast on Friday.
Boyd Udy gets to visit on the telephone with his kids often. All are doing well.
Boyd and his great horse Crocker helped Boyd’s family’s three cutter teams on Saturday. They did well.
Winnie Richman thanks Randy and Howie from the ATK Ranch for coming down to the Double S Bar Ranch and plowing out her steep driveway. They not only broke a lot of ice, but also cleared it to the dirt. The sun can really go to work when a little dirt is exposed.
Winnie and Clynn also thank the Bear River Valley Co-op for coming out to put a new tire air intake valve on one of the loader tractor’s tires. It is still inflated just right.
On Thursday afternoon friend Tony Gonzales and his son Talon came to help Winnie feed the cows at winter pasture. As it turned out, the boys did the feeding while Winnie stayed home to do chores and watering. The Gonzales pair came to the house after and had a good chat with Clynn and Winnie. As they left, Jeff Schultz came to home teach the Richmans. It was a good day of visits.
Winnie and friend Carolyn Carter went to art. Winnie started a new picture (on a new subject) and progressed quickly and well. Carolyn made great progress on her painting, too.
After art Winnie had a piano lesson with grandson Skyler and listened with awe after the piano lesson to Skyler’s performance on the violin. His teacher at school is really doing a wonderful job of teaching Skyler his violin techniques.
Clynn and Winnie are eagerly awaiting the next Jazz home game. Winnie will be dispatched to town to pick up two ten-piece chicken nuggets plus drinks to eat in front of the TV during the game. Go, Jazz!


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